The Dirty Little Secret About Article Marketing ~ How To Succeed Online, Fire Your Boss and Live The Digital Lifestyle


Fact:  “97% of the people who try to make money online often spend WAY more than they ever earn..”


So many people wanting to make money online buy into old, out dated methods. The ones that may work today or for a while, but soon just stop working altogether if they ever did. I’ve seen this time and time again…


article marketing

It’s easy to keep chasing after the next “shiny object” that come with wild promises of instant wealth attached to them… only to find they’ve been sold another useless method with NO chance of making a profit.


They give their honest best effort but eventually it just ends up in frustration and still nothing to show for it.


Are You Tired Of The Nonsense??


Are you’re tired of being lied to? If so, then there is only one answer.


Instead of looking for the latest, Hottest internet sensation, you need to start thinking about building a real online business. A sustainable and completely Evergreen Business that makes you passive income month after month after month that never goes out of style.


Article Marketing


Since the earliest days of internet/affiliate marketing the most tried and proven way to make money online has been Article Marketing.


Now wait just a minute… I can here you groaning. “How am I supposed to create all the articles day after day.” “Where will I ever come up with all that information and the time needed to write an endless supply of SEO related content?”


A Modern Day Solution


Well now there is a modern day “supercharged” solution on an “old school” method that the majority of the IM crowd have all but forgotten about…


And the funny thing is that it never stopped working. Like so many good systems that follow the FUNDAMENTALS of marketing, it became overlooked in favour of the New shinier, Sexier, mega-swiss-army-knife-social-media loophole/strategy/trick.


Introducing ~ The Content Builder App 


article marketing



The Content Builder App is a very simple, straight forward system that puts ordinary people with zero tech skills and no desire to learn them in the driver’s seat of their financial future…..


The difference here is based on a proven marketing method which has always worked and will continue to do so… all we have here is a supercharged simple, effective, stress-free formula so that people, like you and me, can use it with confidence to make a reliable income.


Growing Your Traffic, Authority & Profits Daily


Starting today, STOP purchasing systems that make things complicated. They clearly do not work for most people, especially those just starting out.


Instead, you can Invest your time and money in a tried-and-true method which will grow day after day. As your site grows so does your authority, organic traffic and your profits… It’s really just that simple.


I have several friends who took me up on the challenge and are making over $10,000/month and one in particular made $28,000 in a single month using this same method.


Using The Content Builder will enable you to start making money in days… you can quickly start to build valuable asset (your customer list) to give you the ability to make thousands of dollars every month, passively and for years to come.


Here’s What It Takes To Succeed

article marketing

It amounts to just 3 steps and around 30 minutes a day.


Yes, it deals with the one thing almost EVERY online marketer tries to avoid like the Plague… and that is Content Marketing… and that’s good news for you and me.


Having quality content (and the RIGHT kind of traffic) can make all the difference in whether you succeed with article marketing or not… and since its a 60 second process there’s nothing standing in the way of you making money ever again.


H A R D W O R K ?


Top marketers’ create content daily making a great deal of money in the process. BUT… doing so can be a pain in the A*S.


  1.  Either you fork out a small fortune on content writers 
  2.  You love writing and spend every day doing it yourself
  3.  You use one of those expensive or nasty content spinning tool.


Whichever option you choose… Producing unique content can be time consuming and tedious work.
Who’s got the money, time, patience and inclination to do any of that when you’re starting out?


Either you Sacrifice your time or you sacrifice your money… To me that’s way too much of a sacrifice.

SOLUTIONarticle marketing

The Content Builder App skips this whole process and in less than 60 seconds and 3 clicks (per post) you can now extract high-authority, unique content from inside YouTube videos.


Now let me state right here that we are talking about the spoken word from within the video, NOT some junk taken from a YouTube description.


The Content App extracts whatever the person or people in the video is saying in text form, and then builds a unique blog post for you in seconds. All you have to do is review, make whatever changes you want and turn it into a solid, 100% unique, SEO friendly, authoritative piece of content….without writing one single sentence… use as is (after adding paragraphs) or quickly edit it yourself in minutes.


You simply apply the enhanced “rapid traffic” Ad formula and watch your profits grow daily.


Content Is Still KING


If you can create great content – you WILL get results!


If you can create great content AND drive targeted traffic to it – you will grow your authority and earn profits like you’ve never experienced before.


article marketing


So Let me ask you, are you ready to build a real business which can make you $1,000s per month while establishing a real sustainable asset? If you are, then this is a method that generates 99% passive income once setup using highly targeted, free traffic.


  • There are No technical skills needed at all.. complete step-by-step instructions
  • Can be 100% run on a part-time basis (and still produces a fulltime income)
  • Very easily scalable 
  • It’s a Proven way to make money online
  • Even beginners will get amazing results
  • There is nothing to sell in order to make money, no additional work, no maintenance, no orders to fulfill, no customer support needed!

The Bottom Line..


This for you if you simply want to build something uncomplicated which grows… and makes you more and more money as it does.


It’s for you if you’re sick and tired of buying “shiny objects” with empty promises and disappointing loopholes that have no chance of making you a single dollar.


  1. You Can Start Today 
  2. You can get results quickly
  3. Traffic works on Autopilot
  4. 100% Repeatable & Scaleable 

article marketing

This was designed for you, me and anyone else who thinks making money online has become way too complicated.


Do you want to build a sustainable business model which will start to make money within days?

The only question is… Can You Spare 30 Minutes a day To Build a Passive Monthly Income?

You already know this works… it’s worked for years and it will never stop working…


Now for a Limited Time You Can Clone This Entire Business Model.. Start Making Money Within Days!

article marketing



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