“There are over 18 Million Blogs in the U.S. alone. Of these, only 9% make between $1,000 and $10,000 a month and 4% make over $10,000 a month.

But the vast majority makes less than $3.50 per day.”    http://lifehacker.com



$150 a day blogger blueprint

THE $150 A DAY



Earning $150 a day income online is both a fairly conservative amount and at the same time completely life-changing.


For most people, this extra $4500 per month represents a MASSIVE income boost. For many, $4,500 a month is enough money to live on very comfortably.


Just the fact that the vast majority of people trying to earn an online income and FAILING.. is startling to me.




Let me begin by saying, the fact that all these people are not able to make $150 a day income is not only hard to grasp, but it’s actually sad to find someone ONLY being able to make $150 a day online.


I’m NOT being arrogant, it’s the truth..


Let’s face facts.. BILLIONS of people shop online every day (and every minute of every day). That’s Billions with a “B.”


If you think that the insigificant amount of $150 a day out of the Billions Of Dollars being spent online CAN’T find it’s way into your bank account, then you probably should stop trying right now!




The problem lies in the fact that so many try to do it entirely on their own. They try to figure it out as though no one has EVER done it before.


Or, worse yet, they follow the advice of people who don’t actually care if they succeed or not. It’s easy to fall victim to someone who just wants to make a sale. There are so many conflicting opinions, who should you believe?



I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings but if you’ve been around this business for any length of time, I’m sure you know… we’ve all been taken advantage of at one time or another.




“How can I change people’s lives? How can I help people who are struggling to make SOME money online? How can I help create more millionaires? How can I provide a beneficial impact on the financial lives of hundreds, or possiblythousands of people who seriously need help.


They just don’t think that way. I’m sorry but it’s true.


There are 2 reasons why most people never make any money online are…


1. They try to figure it out on their own. There’s a proven system for making money online. whether it’s blogging, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, membership sites, software, MLM or whatever it is.. it’s already been done and proven to work. Why would anyone try to figure it out for themselves when all they would need to do is copy what’s already working!


PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATE TRAINING$150 a day blogger blueprint


2. They put their trust in the wrong people to “show them the correct way.”  People who have no interest and are NOT invested in their success.


Those really are the two main reasons..


Without a doubt, lack of effort also plays a role. We each need to examine our own personal mindset, work ethic and the reasons we want to be in this line of work at all. In other words, we all need to take personal responsibility.


Taking personal responsibility for your success changes EVERYTHING..




But having the right teacher, mentor or instructions will help us overcome so many hurdles right out of the gate. Being on the right path from the start will save you a fortune and a world of hurt and anxiety.


Sure, you can keep chasing after the next “shiny object” that promises riches for doing nothing, but that’s NOT how blogging or any type of online marketing works. It’s almost guaranteed to keep you broke.


$150 a day blueprint

Anyone who tells you that running an online business is “easy money,” regardless of what type, is lying to you… that is the plain and simple truth.


Yes, It takes work! And no… it’s NOT like you’re “digging ditchs” or anything physically brutal like that.


But it does require time and effort none the less. If someone is not willing to commit to this minimal amount of effort then they will continue to throw their money away on  “push button”  methods they will be dissapointed.




Think for a minute about the systems that need to be in place before you are able generate a single dollar of internet income. As with any business, this is known as the “barrier to entry.”


Granted, the barriers are extremely low when it comes to running an online business. This is especially true with affiliate marketing.


Aside from having internet access and building a website or blog, every internet marketer will have hosting fees, domain name registration, email autoresponder and a few programs and systems to automate the process. It can easily be started for around $60/year.





In order to make $150 a day income online, you need a mentor who already has a working system in place, and I’m not talking about a concept, either.


I’m talking about a system that not only has the potential to make a lot of money but, IS already making money…




It’s time to strip away the confusion and mystery.

When you’re a beginner blogger you need to know the exact step-by-step way that millionaire affiliates build their websites.


»  AffiloBlueprint is one of those systems that walks you through those steps… nothing is left out. Including their exclusive custom-built wordpress theme, AffiloTheme.


»  Real-time support… You’re not just creating a website blindly, you can send your new website to their support staff, and they will help them make them even better. You can also ask them questions and get fast answers.


»  This will keep you from bleeding money… New affiliates end up buying lots of tools they don’t need. AffiloBlueprint teaches you what tools you need, what ones you don’t and how to use free tools and achieve success with them.


»  Beginner bloggers need a fool-proof, step-by-step guide to follow.
This is also perfect for Intermediate affiliates that want a rinse and repeat system that is proven to work… and can even be outsourced to simplify it even more.



Making a $150 A Day Blogging Online DOES NOT have to be a mind-numbing experience..

As long as you don’t try to figure it out for yourself…



$150 a day blueprint

Take advantage of the easiest way to start your own affiliate marketing business Today..

Without All The Work!






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