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Hi, my name is Raplato and I am the author of ez150club.com, “Profiting Online Made EZ.”


I thought you might be interested to know what gives me the RIGHT to publish a site called “Profiting Online Made EZ.”


For starters, I have been involved in Affiliate Marketing since 1998. For nearly 25 years I was the owner and Executive Loan Officer of Hyland Financial Group, LLC, a Commercial Mortage Company.


It was in 1998 that I, along with my partner George, decided to author an EBook called “The Secrets Of Real Estate Acquisition & Funding.”


It took 8 torterous months to produce this epic Ebook and it was time to publish it. Online marketing was for the most part, still in it’s infancy, but we made the decision to sell it as a digital download on Clickbank.com.



We created a website around real estate and funding and the book sold well. This was how I got my start in Internet marketing.. I was bitten by the online marketing bug and have been ever since.



about the author


My being technically challenged, I found the the easiest way for me to make money online was with affiliate marketing.. so I did a “swan dive” into the pool.


I wanted to know everything there was to know about affiliate marketing.. I was totally clueless but determined to be a “successful Internet Marketer.”


The internet has changed dramatically since those days. But, what hasn’t changed was my desire to share what I’ve learned… To show aspiring affiliate marketers that wanted something better, something more, how to live a richer life as a digital marketer AND, exactly how to go about doing it.




If you’ve been involved in affiliate sales for any length of time, you know the business is overflowing with scam artists. People who don’t care about you at all. Their only concern is with lining their pockets. It seems like you’re being tricked in a way.. don’t you think?



I’m sure you know what I mean. These are unscrupulous marketers that are really good at “selling the sizzle,” taking your money and leave you scratching your head about the information you just bought into.


Does it work??!! How the hell do you know unless you try it.. right? Then you spend even more time and money trying some beaten up method for making money online only to find you didn’t make a dime… worse yet, you spent more money working their “system!”


These people don’t care about you or me. They are NOT invested in your success. They only care about themselves. This my friend, goes against everything that I believe in. It really shouldn’t be about having to take unfair advantage of people just to make money.


Wouldn’t you want to try and help someone out one time!?? To be honest? To tell them the truth?




I’ve been “taken” many more times than I care to remember. Sucked in by the next “push button,” “1 click method” that would give me overnight millions (or at least thousands).



I’m here to tell you… that’s NOT the way it works! There is NO such thing as a “magic button” that will pay you $10,000 a month.


Please don’t get me wrong, affiliate marketing is a great business to be in. It has the ability to produce a life changing income… and, I do believe that anyone who puts their mind to it and is willing to commit their time and effort can be wildly successful.


For that to happen though, You need to STOP CHASING THE NEXT SHINY OBJECT. The “Shiny Object Syndrome” will keep you broke and chasing your tail forever.


author ez150club


Yes, affiliate marketing is an incredible business.. And Yes, it’s possible to create a life-changing income with it.. and Yes, it takes work, it takes effort on your part…


I am convinced beyond any doubt that the fact that you are here, reading this, that you have what it takes to live the Digital Lifestyle.


Now I’m not afraid of hard work. I have no problem putting in whatever amount of effort needed to achieve what I want in life. I’m thinking that you are too. If you ARE like me you’ve come to the right place.




I have a warning for you. I wanted you to know about an infectious disease. It’s a disease that’s spreading among internet marketers and affiliate marketers alike.


It’s called “Not Enough Information Disease.”


Although the exact cause is not known, it takes place when internet marketers believe they do not have enough information to take action.


The most common symptoms are not taking action, feeling confused and not knowing where to start..


I have seen reports of internet marketers so badly affected by this that they buy course after ridiculous course (courses, by the way, that have NO CHANCE of making them any money at all).. thinking they will eventually have enough information to begin to take action..


While all this is happening, the victim’s own online business and dreams are on life support (In some very bad cases, they never even get started).


“Not Enough Information Syndrome” is most common among beginning affiliate marketers but it can also affect veteran marketers.


But there IS a cure? There sure is.. The cure is to take “Action.” I have repeatedly seen would be marketers, wanting to start their online business and procrastinate to point of paralysis.


It’s as if they’re waiting for everything to be perfect, with all the stars lining up in the night sky… and there’s never going to be the perfect time or circustance.. That’ll never happen! And, neither will their dream of making money online.




Unable to move forward, they are defeated before they even get started.




I’m going to dispel another common myth about internet marketing and building an online business.


FACT: Success as an affiliate marketer is not reserved for a handful of special people who are technically superior, talented or well connected.


The Super Exclusive Successful Internet Marketer’s Club DOESN’T EXIST!


If you want to be successful (and why wouldn’t you), and you’re thinking that you’re not special enough, talented enough, knowledgeable enough or whatever.. GET OVER IT!


The only thing that will derail and prevent you from being successful is your own doubt and the belief that you can’t.


How do you change beliefs? Changing beliefs starts by having a community of like-minded individuals focused on the same goals.


author of ez150club


It’s not the “program” your using in most cases, (although it definitely helps if it’s a good one), but it’s the people that are involved and the mentors that you receive the training from that makes all the difference.


But when you see thousands of ordinary people, just like yourself thriving in their online businesses… you start to think, maybe it really is possible?




When I recommend a product or marketing service at ez150club.com, it’s not because I received a “review” copy and I’m just trying to sell something that I don’t know anything about. Hell, I don’t care if you ever buy anything!


My approach to new products is that “I BUY THEM AND USE THEM MYSELF..” That is the only way for me to be sure if something works or not.


That is also the only way I feel comfortable recommending new products to my readers without all the usual BS.


If I can use them and they make me money, why shouldn’t it do the same for you?


Beginner or Veteran


I know that all of ez150 club members are not in the same place with their online businesses. Some are long time affiliates with working programs that provide them a very consistent $150 a day or more in some cases.I applaud you in having the strength to take action. $150 a day is $4,500 each month and for many that IS life changing money.


Other club members and readers are only just starting out or maybe still on the fence about whether running an online business is for them or not.. and that’s OK too (believe me I get it).


ez150club author


Regardless of where you are, I urge you to follow your dream too. You can do it.. There is a community of highly trained professionals that can offer you the guidance you need to be successful.


Not out of kind hearted genorosity, but because their success is dependant on you being successful.


I’ve made it my personel mission to provide you with massive amounts of highly accurate information about affiliate marketing and Blogging (I do know an awful lot about it) and I’m not shy about sharing it…


Bottom line is… I want you to succeed.


Your job is to keep the fire buring in you.




I will share the latest, and what I believe, are some of the best business opportunities anywhere to help you create your own online income. There are some great programs out there (several that I’ve been personally using) that are bringing in huge income numbers for their affiliates’.


It’s my hope that these recommendations will show you how to make Affiliate/Blogging work for you..


 know this is the longest “ABOUT THE AUTHOR” page you’ve ever read… but

I had a lot I wanted to share. 


Wishing you the best.. and I’ll see you at the top


about the author




“It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you simply refuse to quit.”
– P. Stansberry