Of course there are many ways to make money online.. In fact there are literally hundreds of ways and not surprisingly, they all do work depnding on the approach you choose..


The majority fall into these 3 categories:

>> CPA (cost per action) Marketing


>>  Affiliate Marketing


>> E-Commerce

Which one is the best and surest way to make money online?
Which one depends on your goals and personality..




CPA is usually done usng PPC (paid ads) although it can be done effectively with combining a website with social media marketing free-traffic-sources. The common approach is paid ads because you’ll get faster results.

You can quickly measure those results and adjust your campaigns and profitability. They do not all produce winners but when they do you can easily scale up your campaign budget to any level you want to choosing your desired income. It’s a viable affiliate marketing method.

Unless you are well versed in PPC advertising, bidding strategies and Targeting Low Competition Keywords it can be both brutal and costly. PPC looks simple, but it is not.

=> Find Targeted Low Competition Keywords


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Whether you choose Amazon FBA or Amazon’s Associate program, they are both very straightforward. You choose products (again based on research), targeting the same type of low competition keywords to send traffic..

You simply apply for your Amazon affiliate link and choose the products or niche you would like to target.

To be safe you can rotate out of the slow selling products and focus your promotion on the ones that are selling well. The cost for this is limited to the type of promotion you choose. If use social media promotion using free traffic sources.. This can be done virtually for free.

If you decide on paid ad sources that will be your primary expense. The same rules apply to all paid ads.. You must control your costs and watch them closely. Drop the ads that are not working and double down on the ones that are.

This is the fastest route to success and can easily be achieved with a relatively low investment. You want to control your invest until you start to see positive results and then gradually begin to roll it out and scale up.The key to your succes is that you must be consistent.


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All three of these do fall under the general heading of affiliate marketing. Each of these offer the versatlity in the types of products you can promote and the ability to cross-promote other offers and other markets.

There’s a wide spectrum of of digital products and sofware that are available with platforms like Clickbank, Offer Vault, JVZoo and many others. If you take a somewhat cautious approach when starting out, the risk of loss is extremely limited.




I am an affiliate marketer and blogger and have been for 18 years. So I tend to favor the advantages of promoting other peoples products through affiliate marketing sources.


“Over 6 million people blog on their own website, and 12 million people use their social media channels as a blog. If you want to be found through organic search, you need to find ways to reach a broader audience.”


Regardless of the cash flow method you choose, It is highly advisable to have a website or blog that you can control. You can have your own Domain Name for $9.00/year and Web hosting for $1.99/month..
It seems obvious…  why not do all three?

Setting up simple, targeted blog sites would accomplish this. You could zero in on specific low competition niches and dominate those making your marketing much more effective and virtually cost-free..

Setting up these mini-blog sites is simple and probably wouldn’t take more than an hour or two each. You would then have multiple sites generating passive revenue streams and the cost is virtually non-existent.



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These mini-blog sites are my best source of monthly revenue and when one starts to make money I simply create another.. and another.. and so on.

It’s not a stretch to get these to $100 a day very quickly making $3,000 a month each. Do three and your making $9,000/month.

If you only made half that you be way ahead of most affiliate marketers out there. Most have no clue about how to making money online.




I know many of you are looking to implement a “get paid now”
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Now you can create a constant cash flow with a simple method that even total beginners can use
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When I started out, I remember this happening all the time.​

Most of the methods gave me a little overview of how to make money, but they left a few (very importamt) things out.. and I struggled to get result.

When it comes to making money online… If you don’t have something to sell.. an easy way to get FREE traffic and a way to quickly turn that traffic into money and sales (cash in your pocket)…
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