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The year was 2008, the year of the financial collapse. The mortgage company I built was bankrupt, my wife of 25 years filed for divorce.. I lost everything. My life was in shambles.


I was dead broke and didn’t have the money to pay my rent. I was desperate and had no idea what I was going to do.


Affiliate marketing and making money online was still a pretty new concept at that time (at least it was to me)… But, there were people doing it and becoming very successful at it. It’s just that there really wasn’t any kind of road-map to follow. If I was going to turn my life around I knew I would have to figure it out.


Making money online was more like the “wild west” than it is today. The internet was filled with scam artist trying to make a quick buck off the suckers (a lot like it is today).



work from home


I was as they say, technically challenged, but I was was determined. I knew a few younger guys who were still in college and they showed me some of the basics. It was a slow start and I was a slow starter.




Not having any money to invest and not even sure what I would do with it if I had, I began to think of ways that I could bring in a few dollars at first. If I could accomplish this, I thought for sure I would be able to expand what was working.


I really wasn’t thinking about getting rich, I was just trying to earn enough to pay my bills.




I came across an affiliate marketing platform called Clickbank (I’m sure you’ve all heard of it). Back in the day it was something entirely new and it took some figuring out.. but I managed to.


I picked out 3 affiliate programs that I thought would be good, started writing 3 articles based around each of the 3 programs I selected. With the help of my friend I put several text links in my articles.


Keep in mind, I did not have a website, domain name, didn’t know what web hosting was or even what a blog was (blogs were definitely only for techies in those days).


I began submitting my articles to Ezine Publishers, Article Directories and as many Document Sharing and Ebook sharing sites that I could find.


It took days to complete. Things happened much slower in those days and it took nearlly 2 weeks for the articles to begin circulating. I was getting pretty frustrated thinking that I’d wasted my time and that nothing was going to come of it.



how to start a blog



Once they were indexed and over the following 3 weeks these nine articles produced just over $1,250.00!! I was shocked and amazed!!


I had found an email auto-responder and placed another link in the resource box at the bottom. All I could think to do was to ask them to sign up for later updates… and they did much to my surprise.. 550 people subscribed to my mailing list.



Over the next 3 weeks the money poured into Clickbank… making me another $1,100 and bringing my total to $2,400 in 6 weeks.


Keep in mind, this whole process cost me 0, nothing, zilch!! It seemed like this money came from nowhere. It was then I realized the power of the internet and I never looked back.


I immediately started looking for new products and writing 2 or 3 new articles each week… and the money kept coming in.




I found that I was collecting checks every month as these articles would continue to circulate. They had a compounding affect.


Some of the affiliate programs I was promoting were subscription based and I kept getting paid month after month on the one sale I did. I was getting checks every month for doing nothing.


That’s It! It cost nothing to set up and no advertising costs. I still do the same thing every single month since that time and it has continued to work in the same reliable way. Although I have tweaked it a little along the way, this simple method saved me from financial ruin and rescued me from poverty in record time.




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As I hope you’ve recognized by now, producing all this original content has an additional and equally powerful effect. You see, the search engines love new content. Their business model depends on new content. They can’t survive without it.


The long term affect, with all the content I was pumping out each week, the search engines started ranking my articles on their search results. I began getting more and more organic traffic.


Albert Einstein called “the power of compounding” the most powerful force in the universe.


guide to affiliate blogging


It all starts with small steps. Each step you take in the direction of your goals grows with each effort you take.. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, it gets bigger and bigger.


The importance of this can’t be overstated. If you want have a successful online business and a job replacing online income, you must do SOMETHING Every Day To Make That Happen!


Sometimes you’ll try things that just don’t work out.. that’s no problem! It’s a learning experience. In the future you’ll know that doesn’t work and you won’t repeat your mistakes.


But you’ll find things that do work and work very well.. This my friend, is how you grow a successful business.


It is only a matter of time before you will reach the level of success that you are looking for.




The method itself is really very simple. The key to making this work is that your articles must provide maximum value.. The more value the better.


It is this perceived value that is at the core of this method. It is what makes it work.


Article marketing let’s you place your promotions in front of your readers without any barriers. No one will see what you are doing as a sales pitch.. you really aren’t “pitching” anything. Your readers will be more than happy to read your entire PDF because of the way that it’s structured.


Most will read the entire article, most will subscribe to your email list, many will buy through the links in your articles.


Though times have changed, if I were going to do this today I would do a few things somewhat differently.






Here Are The Exact Steps To Take:


guide to affiliate blogging


1. Get your tools in order.. Domain name, web hosting account, email auto-responder. 


2. Create a WordPress Blog with a landing page. I highly recommend using WordPress platform for it’s ease of use. It is owned by Google and it offers very simple and effective SEO plugins. This simply translates into more traffic for you.


3. Write one Massive Article per week and convert it into a PDF (around 1,500 words should do). You use a PDF because if someone copies your articles they cannot remove or alter your links. To quickly create all the original articles you’d like The Content Software App will do it for you. 


4. Post your article to your blog.


5. Get your articles Index to the major search engines. 


5. Once indexed, submit to ezines, article directories, document sharing sites, social networking platforms, ie; Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Digg, Tumblr, Twitter and anywhere else that it can be seen.



There are a huge number of Free Document Sharing Sites online such as:









6. Record an image on screencast-o-matic or whichever platform you choose (any power point slide presentation will do). Just read your article and ask your viewers to click the link in the description.. Submit the article to Youtube.


7. Continue pounding out those great weekly articles, quit your job and enjoy your new full-time passive income.


Your results will compound daily and you won’t understand why you didn’t do this sooner.


These are some of the most powerful tools to start blogging for beginners. By simply learning how to create the right combination of content and using the correct tools to optimize your blog, 95% of the work is done for you.


The problem of getting massive free search traffic to your blog will have been solved creating a passive income for you… if you use it, it will work.


I know this is a lot to take in.. Luckily, There IS An Easier Way.


passive income training



Instead of trying to figure all of this out on your own, there is a complete system, taught by professional internet marketers that shows you the exact steps to take. NOT just the steps to follow, but they take you by the hand to mentor you and walk you through the entire set up process.


This beginner blogging training is the most important part of getting started. It not only insures that you are profitable as quickly as possible but cuts the learning curve and the hidden land mines. These mistakes when getting started could completely derail your success.

Your ONLY job is to follow along, step by step and  build a life-long passive income for yourself leaving the hard work to the professionals.


You Will Learn exactly How To:

»  Construct your content properly

  »  Choose your topics correctly

  »  Send free traffic to your offers using your content

  »  Find the right low competition keyword phrases to target any type of product

  »  Rank your articles quickly

Using this method you will dominate the search ranking and find it easy to sell any offer or product you choose. This is a very passive marketing method, but it needs to be done the right way.


The Exact 3 Step Method We Used To Make $250 Per Day
The “Paint By Numbers 3 Step Process” I Used To Create A Predictable Online Business That Generates Five Figures Per Month In Passive Income



passive income webinar





passive income training

Wishing you every success





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