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“As a result, U.S. e-commerce sales will hit a projected $709.78 billion in 2020, or about 14.5% of

total U.S. retail sales, up from $601.65 billion, or about 11% of total retail sales, since 2019″


building an online business




The future of online commerce is Exploding! A handful of entrepreneurs are making money hand over fist!

The online sales sector has seen an enormous wave of growth thanks to the “stay at home” orders that swept across the country back in March. And now, we’re on the cusp of an explosion in the sector like never before.

We’re looking at two years’ worth of e-commerce growth packed into the next few months.

Businesses are shifting their famous Black Friday sales to an online platform, offering free shipping, and Americans are finding themselves able to get all their gifts (with good deals) all from the comfort of their couch.

Online sales this November and December are forecast to climb 33% year over year to a record of $189 billion. This is based on web transactions of 80 of the top 100 U.S. Internet retailers.

Those massive gains could climb even higher before the end of the year…  

We could see consumers spend an extra $11 billion dollars. That would push the total holiday spending past $200 billion – a mind-blowing figure.

With the new “stay at home” economy you now have a way to your own online business…

And it could be set up and running by the end of Today!


There are all types of affiliate niches that appeal to a seemingly endless supply of customers.

What’s needed to be successful in building your online business, is choosing the one(s) that suits you best and a system for finding and converting visitors into sales.





You’ve most likely seen the “income proof” snapshots from all the heavy hitters and super affiliates in the online industry.

online business sales

I’m sure you’ve seen them… But, what you don’t see is the secret behind their success.

And yes, it’s true, there are many super affiliates who have been at this for many years and have refined their methods down to a science.

And yes, it’s true there are many [some of whom I know personally] that $50,000 to $100,000 per month.. every month.

It’s the reason that the 1%- (at best) 2% of internet marketers make this kind of money and the other 98% don’t.


The secret I’m about to share with you is… “They Put In The Work!”

That’s right, I’m sorry, but there no magic formula or secret sauce that makes this happen.

They just simply Put In The Work.

They’re laying the foundation of their business. This enables them to sit back and collect, at times, HUGE CHECKS.. $1,000, 2,000 and even $3,000 a day while hardly doing anything at all for it.

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The steps to making this kind of money has to do with setting up your online business so that it runs on virtual autopilot.

They include:

» Focusing on REAL products – these are products that provide a solution to a problem.

» Creating a message – being able to convey this message clearly WILL attract the customers [buyers] that you are looking for

» Traffic – Traffic is a key component.. Find specific traffic sources that you can easily use to keep a steady flow of new customers coming back to your offers.

Once you find your best traffic sources you use them repeatedly to grow your income passively.. There are tons of viable traffic sources out there that will do this but it is locating the ones that work best for you that is 90% of the battle.

Now, I’m sorry if this isn’t the magic bullet you were looking for or if it isn’t a sexy solution.. but it is the truth.

Once you have these building blocks in place making money online, working from home or anywhere you please is simply a matter of “rinse & repeating” these same steps.

It’s doing the work that prevents most wanabee internet marketers from achieving success, when in reality,


My advice would be to follow a proven formula, put in the work.. And it WILL work for you too.






High converting affiliate products are not easy to find... In fact, they can be very hard to find.

In any niche, 9 out of 10 affiliate products don’t convert all that well.

So if you invest your time and money into promoting them, it’s very likely you’re not going to see a huge ROI.

It’s take a serious commitment to sit down and do some hard thinking about what to promote..

and even then it can be like throwing darts at a board.

Sounds absurd, right?

So why get committed to random affiliate products without first getting to know what’s going to convert and

what’s not going to convert?

There’s a simple way to tell whether or not you should even promote an affiliate product.



There are literally 100’s of ways to make money online..

All of them are not right for each individual.. People have different needs and certainly having different goals.

For instance:

It’s clear that virtually anyone CAN earn a living online by doing Freelance work online.

But, Freelance work to me, even though you are working from home and making your own schedule, is no different than having a job.. Freelance work is one that pays by the job (which in most cases is “by the hour”).

If trading hours for dollars suits you than there are many ways you could make this work.


But, the same effort will need to go into building your business..

It doesn’t matter if it’s freelancing, affiliate sales or any other online method.


The problem is there’s so much bad information out there it’s easy to get lost, wasting valuable time and money in the process.

Everyone is saying to do something different and the result is you wind up spinning your wheels.. many times jumping from one thing to the next.. I know how frustrating that can be.


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The truth is, you only need one proven method to get started earning money online.

Fortunately for you I’ve went through just about all the possible ways to earn money online.

Some of them work and many do not.

But one that I’ve used for quite some time works really well and is perfect if your just getting started to help you earn $50-$100 online everyday [in fact, once your making $100/day it becomes easy to scale your income much higher].

This is the system that worked for me and it WILL work for you too.. It’s that simple.


Start Building Your Own Online Business Today


        ==> HERE’S THE SYSTEM I USE <==


build your online business

build your online business

Wishing you success,

P.S. – If you’re struggling to make money online right now, I know what you’re going through. I’ve been earning a full-time income for years and by far the hardest part is getting started. Please Don’t give up though – once you get past this hurdle the rewards are amazing.

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achieve online success

Too many times… 

Reality just doesn’t keep pace with our expectations.


Have you ever been on a ‘blind date’?

And how did that go? Was the date what you had expected?

Well, online success is just like that.
And I’ll explain why it’s different from what you might be expecting.




By that I mean that online success doesn’t happen in an even an orderly way. If you were trying to loose weight and you went to the gym everyday and watch what you eat, you would like to think that you would lose 1LB a day.

The truth of the matter is you may no lose anything especially in the first few days or possibly even the first week, right? I’m sure if you’ve ever tried you know this to be true.

Affiliate marketing works in the same exact way… especially in the beginning stages when you are trying to build momentum.

What’s important is that you keep swinging to bat.


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All successful affiliate marketers know that their income isn’t divided evenly for each of the their campaigns.

If your goal is to make $3,000 per month.. It would be a freak of nature if you made $100 each day for a month.. It’s never going to happen like that.

What does happen is that some days you make $2, some days you make $20, some days you make nothing.. but there will be days that you make $300 in a single day!

This is a realistic expectation of how internet marketing works.

And of course, after building momentum and sharpening your skills you find ways to level out these ups and downs.. You begin to find ways to scale up your earnings and increase your daily averages.




The 2 things that will determine your success are:

#1. Use a method that is PROVEN to be effective – if your using an ineffective formula, you may experience some small level of sales, but to to build a reliable, successful online business the method you choose must be ONE THAT WORKS.


#1. You MUST keep swinging the bat – sometimes you’ll hit for singles, sometimes doubles and sometimes you’ll hit home runs.. (and there will be time you strike out).


affiliate marketing


Every successful affiliate marketer has gone through this and knows that you only fail when you give up.

You can use the same proven effective method that I use daily:







affiliate marketing business


Financial Security comes from our ability to produce.

A job can’t give you security in retirement.. essentially because no one wants to hire older people. The believe they’re too slow, have difficulty learning new things and can be a higher insurance liability.

The only way you’re getting through retirement comfortably is by creating your own source of income.. an income source that YOU control.




In fact, if you set it up right, your business can even outlive you and can provide you with a valuable asset that you can pass along to your family.. this is the definition of long-term financial security… Security that appreciates over time.

Many years ago affiliate marketors built web 2.0 pages to siphon Google traffic to their affiliate links.

I remember putting together dozens and dozens of HubPages, Squidoo Lenses and EzineArticles. Some super-affiliates swore by these. You would put up a few pages for any affiliate offer and then watch the traffic counter go through the roof crazy.

Then one day, Google created the “Panda update” and killed their entire model. This sent many of them looking for a job.

This is something that can never happen to affiliates who own their own websites with their own source of built-in traffic.

It’s a reliable strategy that continues to work over the decades.


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Are you struggling to get targeted traffic that results in sales?

Are you struggling to make money, even after buying into the GURU BULLSHIT?

Does even $50 a day seem impossible right now?

The fact is, I struggled online for 4 years before I found an easier way to make money online.. Today I use several autopilot systems to bring in over $4,317.00 in net profits. Clearly, I don’t struggle anymore.




That’s not to say it was easy to do.. I didn’t have anyone pointing me in the right direction.. “Trial & error is a slow, frustrating and at times, brutal way to start a business. But determination wins every time.

Most people fail because they don’t have a vision.

We are bombarded with “gurus” bragging about cars and expensive vacations.

But the newbie doesn’t see the big picture.

They work in a boring 9-5 job and dream of what could be…

“IF ONLY” they think to themselves…

Someone would show me how to to do this…

In a few short hours, you can learn everything I know.

This knowledge took me EIGHT YEARS to uncover.

And it’s exactly what empowers me to a life of complete FREEDOM (something I desperatly wanted).

Create your own source of online income here and now.. Your own online success is 100% achievable..

You MUST use method that’s proven to work and you MUST keep swinging the bat.

This stuff is not complicated.


How Will You Know Online Success When You See It?



GET Thousands Of Unique, Hosted for you Landing pages To Earn Instant Online Profits


online success
Build Your Own 6-Figure Online Business With a 100% Free Platform






“The 2 WEEK DIET is a scientific, foolproof system with a 100% no-nonsense guarantee having helped thousands to remodel their bodies, lives, and relationships.”


2 week diet


3 “Fat Loss Foods” That Are Stopping You From

Losing Weight


Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything right, following your diet plan but still not seeing the results you want? This is a common problem that dieters often find themselves in.


Your working hard and working your plan to the letter, but something’s just not right. The results you want are coming too slowly or possibly not at all. The question you need to answer is why?


The problem isn’t your effort or even your motivation. The real issue lies in the kind of foods you’re letting into your diet. These are so called fat loss foods which sabotage your weight loss… It’s really not your fault.


These fat loss foods are sold as low fat or “fat free” foods. It would seem they would be perfect to help you along in your desire to lose the weight. But do they really?


These low fat and diet foods are the very culprit that are working against you, preventing you from getting the body you deserve. What are these foods? Let’s look at three of the main problem foods that you can cut out today and get you back on track.


Fat Free Products




Fat free foods products were developed as a marketing tool designed to cash in on the weight loss craze. Even the ones that are boldly labeled as diet products can be the most diabolical foods ever devised.
But, if the fat has been removed, what is taking it’s place? Something must be added to replace the fat content or it would taste awful and therefore wouldn’t sell.


The answer is clearly… SUGAR! Massive amounts of sugar are often used as a replacement.

2 week diet


Worse than that, it is more often than not some form of refined sugar. Refined sugar and sugar substitutes can contain what’s called “high fructose corn syrup” (hfcs). High fructose Corn Syrup is a chemical process cooked up in a laboratory… This is NOT food.


Something as simple as Smucker’s Jelly, Jams and Preserves are often considered a low fat food and an all natural product. It even says it’s all natural on the label. Surprisingly though, it’s just not so.


The same thing applies to diet sodas, juices and vitamin waters. The chemicals that are added to these drinks have a devastating effect on your metabolism and can completely derail your weight loss efforts.
When trying to lose body fat, high doses of sugar and chemicals are as bad, if not worse than the original fat content in most foods. Focusing on natural ingredients allows your body to do a more efficient job of processing it.


Little Known Fact


It’s a little known fact that your body actually needs a certain amount of fat. In reality it needs fat to function properly. By removing the fat from your daily diet your body starts to conserve the fat that you do have stored.


You enter what is known as starvation mode. This is where you body begins to act as though you were starving and trying to protect you from starvation stops burning the fat that you have stored. It’s only trying to protect you but in many cases this is preventing you from losing the weight.


Flavored Yogurt

2 week diet


Flavored yogurts are a favorite among dieters mostly because of the well known Pro-biotic effects yogurt has on the digestive systems. A healthy gut more efficiently eliminates waste from the body. The problem is not with the yogurt but with the many low fat fruit flavored varieties.


These tend to be only a few ounces in size which can be deceiving, but make no mistake, they are simply mini sugar bombs.


To remedy this, avoid the fat free varieties. All fat free foods contain any number of artificial sweeteners and a boatload of chemicals that will not only prevent weight loss but also have the opposite effect and have you packing on the pounds.


Instead try plain Greek Yogurt and top it off with a helping of fresh fruit. Fresh fruit may be slightly more expensive but the results are well worth every penny.


Protein Bars


Finally, the last of the worst offenders in the battle to lose and maintain your weight is the protein bar. Although these seem like a good choice since it makes sense to be adding more protein into your day.


Once again, you need to keep a close eye on the sugar content. The majority of protein bars have upwards of 15 grams of sugar in each one with some containing as much as 30 to 40 grams of sugar in each bar depending on the calorie count. The vast amount of these protein bars are more like eating a Snicker’s bar every day and expecting to lose weight.


2 week diet


While there are a few protein bars that keep the sugar content at a low level (5 grams or less per bar) be very wary when buying them and pay close attention to the fine print.


If you are currently eating these three types of foods they could be creating issues and preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals. They will not only prevent you from losing the desired weight but have a devastating effect on your overall health.


THE 2 WEEK DIET is a revolutionary science-based dietary system that not only guarantees that you will lose weight, it also promises to eliminate more body fat faster than anything you’ve tried before.

4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes


When trying to lose weight, there is a real possibility you’re making several critical mistakes along the way. Very few who have been battling with weight loss for years, ever manage to crack the weight loss code.
By cracking the code I mean not only being able to take off the weight but to maintain that perfect weight permanently.


It really doesn’t need to be that complicated. Simply learning to avoid a few crucial mistakes can quickly put you back on track and start seeing much better results.


Let’s Take A Look At 4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes and How To Fix Them


Eating Too Little


It would seem that if 1,500 calories per day is a reasonable target, than 1,000 to 1,200 would be better. Sounds correct, doesn’t it? Well it’s not.


2 week diet


Your body needs not only fuel but proper nutrients for it to burn excess fat efficiently. Cutting back too far on calorie intake your body goes into “starvation mode” and begins to rapidly store fat. It will try to protect the stored fat in caseyou need it later to prevent you from starving. This will make losing weight seem impossible.


Only by gradually reducing your calorie intake, will ensure that your metabolism stays high and continues to burn unwanted fat throughout the day.


You Must Have A Plan


Another major mistake is not having a plan. I’m sure you’ve heard, that not having a plan is the same as planning to fail. If you only think about your next meal less than an hour before you eat, it is often because you are too busy and don’t have time to think about all the preparation and cooking.


In order to see the results you must plan ahead. The trick is using a precise, science-based formula that doesn’t call for complex meals and hours in the kitchen. Believe me, if the process is to difficult most people will just give up. Proper weight loss and nutrition should be an effortless process and not to be thought of as torture.


Yes you’d like to lose weight, but you also have a life to live. Using the right diet program makes planning ahead simple and much easier to stick to the menu.


The Truth about Cardio Training


While it’s true that some cardio training can be helpful if done correctly and in the right amounts, it’s definitely not necessary that you be chained to a treadmill, bike or elliptical machine.


In fact, doing so could do more harm than good. Instead, I would focus on a few of the top calorie burning exercises that will firm and tighten the body while helping you melt away the fat quickly.


One of my favorites is “The Plank” exercise which focuses on building up your core strength and can be done quickly and easily any time of the day.


Don’t Over Complicate It


Finally, the last big mistake is diet program that is too complicated. Having a diet plan that has a million rules to follow makes it that much harder to stick with. In the end, if you don’t see progress after all your hard work it makes it that much easier to just give up entirely. I know, it can be very frustrating.


2 week diet


Simple is best. With a few simple guidelines that you can easily follow, you can be on your way to seeing great results in a few short weeks.


The 2 WEEK DIET is a scientific, foolproof system with a 100% no-nonsense guarantee having helped thousands to remodel their bodies, lives, and relationships.


Weight loss is not rocket science. It comes down to fueling your body with the right food choices and nutrients that will encourage the release of energy from fat cells in the body.


So keep these mistakes in mind. If you find yourself making any of them, make the necessary changes and get yourself back on track to getting the body and health that you want.


To Learn more about the Incredible Health Benefits and how you can lose 8 to 16 LBS. in the next 14 days… check out the 2 WEEK DIET Now!



2 week diet


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