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email marketing for beginners




Everyone knows you can make a lot more money with email marketing.. More money than with any other type of online promotion… That’s if it’s done the right way of course.


Email marketing allows you to build a relationship with your audience over time. It takes time to build trust and authority so it must be done gradually…  no hard sell needed. This my friend,  is a time tested way of establishing a lasting business.


I’ve been broadcast  marketing with email for the past 20 years. That’s not how how I started my online enterprise and I clearly I wish that I had.. But once I did I never looked back.


It’s funny, because there are always people declaring that email is dead, email’s over, there’s some red-hot new thing, and so on… but it is the one tool in my arsenal that keeps on working and I expect it will keep right on working too.


It’s breathtaking. You write an email, you broadcast it out to your list and the money rolls in like clockwork… without fail. They click on your links, they drive your viewpoints, your video attitudes, whatever… email gets results.


buy solo ads

Nothing works as consistently to build your subscribers’s list like Solo Ads.. 


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If you run a PPC campaign your average CTR (click through rate) would normally be about 2%. That is not conversion rate, that is the CTR. It’s hard to make money with a 2% CTR.


But, Let’s say for instance you have an email list of 10,000 customers that have all shown an interest in your specific niche. Now, 10,000 is a small customer list by today’s standards.


They know you, they’re familiar with your content. You send out an offer to your list and get a 10% conversion rate (10% is considered low for email conversions). 10% of 10,000 would be 1,000 sales from 1 offer.


Now say you receive a $30 commission for that offer.. 1,000 buyers x $30 = $30,000! For sending ONE email!


Let’s say you sent one offer a week, your monthly income would be approximately $120,000 per month.
As I mentioned, 10,000 is not a big email list. There are Internet marketers with 50,000, 100,000 and much more than that. You do the math.




facebook marketing

So, what I wanted to talk about today is Facebook. Facebook advertising has gotten very strong in the last few years. It is a game-changer.. But it’s only a game changer if you use Facebook to drive subscribers to your email list.


The truth is, you cannot sell anything effectively straight from Facebook or anywhere else for that matter. It’s nowhere near as effective as directing your offers to a “landing page” and eventually on to your email list… these are your customers.


Online marketers still insist on trying to make sales directly from PPC ads or direct linking to affiliate offers.. This just doesn’t work!


No one is going to pull out their credit cards and make a purchase because they say a paid ad on Google Search or facebook. They don’t trust you.. It just doesn’t work that way.


If you run an ad with a link to an opt-in form it is so much easier to get someone to give you their email address (everyone seems so accustomed to it). With any kind of value added offer the signups you receive for the cost of just a few dollars (and in many cases for free) greatly outweighs your ability to make direct sales.


The person reading your ad doesn’t know you, why would they trust you enough to hand over their credit card?


These sign-ups become your customers for LIFE!! What more could you want? The amount of potential sales you get from each one is enormous. Why would anyone do anything else?


By doing regularly scheduled mailings to your customer list you get a host of statistics to use to sharpen your selling skills. You know immediately what your conversion rate is, whether you have a good offer, a good ad or maybe it needs to be changed in some way. You also know that your total cost is limited to the amount it cost for your monthly AutoResponder (around $15 a month normally).


That my friend, is an ridiculously small cost to be in a profitable business that simply pumps out cash whenever you want it to. Think about that for a moment. You have the ability to make money whenever you want to.



John Lennon once said when asked about making money, he said, “If I want a new swimming pool, I’ll just write a song and it just appears.” That’s what email marketing is for me and that’s exactly what it will do for you too.



It makes no difference which markets or niche your in, the principle always works the same. Yes you certainly should have a web site or a blog, it adds credibility to your offer. If you’re in a certain niche market I would assume it would be one that you know something about.. right?


It is never advised to bombard your customer list with an endless stream of offers. Email marketing doesn’t work that way. If your constantly selling your customers will tire of it and you will lose trust, respect and the valuable authority you need for them to go into their wallets.





email marketing for beginners


The preferred method is to alternate your emails with informative articles… to send them a taste of the free information with a link back to the article that is on your site or blog. In this way your taking full advantage of your web site. Your using it as a “hub” in which to funnel your in house traffic through.


This has a lasting effect of building even greater trust in you and your offers.


All of your email marketing and in that regard all of the traffic that you generate should always be funneled through you main site. Your main site is your “Hub” and this is what is known as “profiting on purpose.”


If all of your traffic and your email marketing efforts are directed to your main site you are guiding the bulk of your traffic to your article links. This has the added benefit of the possibility of your visitors finding other areas of interest there and the opportunity for more sale because of it.


Do not overlook the power of this important strategy. Your marketing plan must not only include a short term strategy of generating immediate sales, but also a longer term strategy giving your business sustainability.


As you direct your traffic through your “hub,” your business will begin to grow with each added piece of new content. You can use a Unique Content Software which will give you an endless amount of original content  to grow your business.


Social Media Marketing


Once again, I can’t stress enough how important social media marketing is in building a lasting businees. Whether you use free traffic as your source or paid traffic, your goal must be in building your customer list… not selling directly into that market.


5 free traffic sources

Free traffic is easily accomplished with free posts on any number of social platforms. You can set up pages on all of them for a marketing blitz.


Creating a fan Page on Facebook is a great place to start, but why not include Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, Tumbler, Stumbleupon to name just a few… Just put it out there. Set up your pages, join some groups, make consistent posts linking back to your web site. Trust me, you will start to get traction and develop a following.


The more you do this and are consistent, you will grow your traffic and your customer list organically. Organically is another word for FREE!


Paid Traffic


If you are impatient like I am, you could consider using these same social platforms for paid traffic. The most important aspect of using paid traffic is it’s immediate. You place your ads you get instant results, measurable and definite. You know how much you spent and the number of clicks, sign-ups and  conversions… Same day results.


For instance, say your using Facebook along with your Facebook Fanpage. You post an article linking back to your web site or blog. For only $5.00 you can “Boost” your article post and get a huge number of eyeballs in addition to likes and email sign-ups.


For this method to work, you first direct them not to the article but to your landing page. Yes, you heard that right.. Your number one goal is to collect opt-in email addresses first and foremost. Everything else that happens is secondary.

email marketing for beginners


Let’s say you run an ad on your favorite social media platform. You receive a 2% CTR (click through rate) it varies greatly, but that is about average. The first thing they see is your landing page with an opt-in form for them to put in their email. They do this to gain access to your article. Then you send them to the main article on your site (Bridge Page).


When sending an email broadcast out to your subscribers your ctr more than likely will be in the range of 10% -15% open rate and sales in the area of nearly 5%-8%. Try doing that from a static ad placement.


Yes, you could very likely do a few sales but the real value comes from obtaining as many low cost customer emails as possible. It is in the follow-up email to your customer list that you will make the most money. That is where the true value of Email Marketing is.




There is no surer path to Internet wealth than Automated Email Marketing. As your list grows, so does your income.

email marketing for beginners


It’s important not to be shortsighted. Building your email list comes first.. creating a consistent income for life is what follows.


If you don’t have a system for collecting emails, Get Response is a fully automated Email Marketing Platform. There is a Free Trial Offer through this link, CLICK HERE NOW and TRY IT FREE.. They even host your landing pages for free. 




email marketing


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