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As an online marketer you continually need to generate more traffic to your internet site. But plenty of site owners get it wrong by dedicating almost all their time to driving more traffic to their internet site with out constructing an effective approach of converting site visitors to sales.


As a web entrepreneur you must remember the fact that irrespective of how many visitors you’re receiving to your website, if you can’t close sales or generate returning visitors, all the  traffic you do get is worthless. Getting potential customers to visit your internet site is an effective step number one, but, you need to continually develop means of building effective strategies for converting your traffic to either income or returning site visitors.


Every successful on line commercial enterprise has a database of “returning” customers, no longer simply the “one time” consumer that can never come again. If you want your online enterprise to grow then you  must start developing strategies for this.


Adding an e-mail autoresponder HOW TO GET FREE WEBSITE TRAFFIC to your website and engaging your site visitors to drop their email is a excellent method of changing site visitors to returning site visitors. With their emails you could continually reach them whenever you send out a marketing message




Different visitors from around the world will come your website regularly, but some of these site visitors can be grouped into 2 predominant classes – The targeted and non-targeted site visitors. Targeted traffic are those site visitors that are in dire need of what you are supplying through your website, you can best make sales with this type of traffic.


Non focused visitors are folks that stumbled across your internet site, they wouldn’t have come in the event that they had known what your internet site was all approximately at first vicinity. You get numerous non- targeted traffic when you undertake the wrong measures of building visitors on your internet site, such visitors are worthless because you can not get whatever out of them no matter how hard you try.


The way you generate visitors for your site is to choose multiple techniques that produce good sized results and awareness until you excel at them. Most beginners jump from one method to another and that is not an effective approach.


Here are some commonly used traffic building strategies:






This is one of the best methods to make your online commercial enterprise move viral. If you can create an eBook or any the specific type of valuable report on your chosen topic it will create interest. Combined with your product link in it you want to give it to your site visitors without cost. Ensure that the content is awesome and of value to many people. This will encourage them to share it with others, making your links spread viraly.




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This is one of the most effective methods of building traffic for any internet site. Always update your internet site with posts that your traffic would love and they will continually come back for more.

There are many other great approaches of building site visitors for your website but the ones highlighted in these Viral Money Sites up will certainly yield a positive result.






I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for the past 10 years. The early years were very difficult with a lot of uncertainty.. I often followed the advice of other Internet Marketers thinking they were successful (as far as I could see) and that “they should know” what works and what doesn’t.


It’s not to say that you shouldn’t try to imitate or follow an already successful strategy, it’s just that following the wrong method can be very costly in both time and money. It is frustrating to put you heart into something that you want so much you could literally taste it.. only to be repeatedly disapointed.


When I was starting out with affiliate marketing, I was certain that to make the REAL money online, you needed to have traffic… Traffic to your affiliate offers, traffic to your website/blogs.


I spent a LOT of time finding out everything I could about getting online traffic… I found that there is NO one right traffic method.


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Without a few reliable online traffic souces, Nothing else you do will would work either. My hope is that I can save you from wasting your valuable time, effort and money on


3 FREE Traffic Sources to avoid that always DISAPPOINT Affiliate Marketers.


1. I tried “Launch Jacking”


That’s the one where you find each new “product launch” (from somewhere like, build a WordPress website (2-3 pages) and rank it for the review keywords. Ideally, you should get free buyer traffic this way.

In reality, I was ranking against thousands of competitors who did the same thing.. So I got nowhere. I think I made like $41 doing product launch sniping.


2. I tried “Article Directories”


This one consists of writing around 800 word articles and manually submitting them to 10 different article directories. By placing a link at the bottom of each article it was assumed it would eventually have a snowball effect of sending a flood of free traffic to my blog pages and affiliate offers.. I was wrong.


3. I then tried Forum Posting


This is the one where you create a signature file with a link to an affiliate offer. You then go around forums commenting with helpful information and hope they click on your signature link because of how helpful you are. I wasted a lot of time before I figured out it doesn’t work.


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The best form of free web traffic is by far social media.

There are individuals making incredible amount of money on Pinterest and facebook posting to name a few.. many time they use a combination of free posting commenting and paid ads to accomplish this. There is also platforms like Youtube that can be highly targeted and bring in a flood of traffic, sales and leads.
But like any type of social media it requires continuous posting of original video with the proper tags and backlinks the send traffic and get views.



To do this manually can be mind-numbing daily work.

Social media marketing is a “long game” approach. Unless you’re in it for the long run, don’t expect any real significant results. If this is the only traffic source your counting on, It has to be automated to succeed.


It’s not that these other 3 free traffic sources don’t generate free webite traffic, it’s that the amount of time and effort the they require is not an efficient use your time. I believe that time could be much more productive focusing on more effective methods.




Going through this learning curve taught me one very important lesson.. that is, that successful affiliate marketing isn’t about hard work or persistence! Although I could argue that I was very persistent.


It has to be EASIER for it to work.. Hard work doesn’t help if you’re working on the wrong plan.
Not surprisingly, when I changed my approach to one where I was working smart and not hard, where I had true leverage – that’s when things took off for me..really fast.



I turned into an “overnight” affiliate marketing success (actually took me years)and to be honest, it was a whole lot easier than anything I’d done before.


free website traffic

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