The Art Of Getting Rich

The Art Of Getting Rich… The Truth May Surprise You


You can Have the greatest ideas ever invented or be the most talented person on the earth, but if you do nothing with it.. you will remain poor. An imbecile willing to take action will beat a genius who sits on his hands every time.

getting rich


You Need to take action plain and simple. Taking action is truly the one thing that separates wealthy individuals from the dreamers and wanabe’s.


For the dreamer it is the one thing that is way too hard for them to do. But without having a plan and putting it in action NOTHING is ever going to happen.. Nothing is ever going to change.


We live in a physical world in which everything consists of time decay. Only energy can reverse this process. All the things that you desire are your’s for the taking. All they require to exist is energy.. all require action to make them come alive. Without energy it is all dust and decay.


Thinking and planning is not enough. You must do something to start the wheels turning. Once the wheels are put in motion amazing things start to happen.There is a shockingly simple 2 step secret to every success;


1st is constructive thought (think)

2nd Taking action (act). Most people do neither and can’t understand why they are not realizing their desired result.


Some people act without thinking, some think without ever putting their plan into action. Neither of these will work.


Is it the uncertainty that surrounds doing something new? or, is it fear of failure that causes such deep paralysis as to prevent a person from moving toward what they truly want in life?


The Winners and The Losers


The winners, the rich and successful all “think” first. This means coming up with a creative solution to some basic human need. It has to do with helping others live happier and more fulfilling lives and profiting in the process. This is what needs to be done if you want to join them.. It’s known as adding value.


Does this scare you? That’s ok, there’s no shame it that and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. But just do yourself a favor and stop talking and thinking about becoming wealthy one day. If this sounds like you, you are not prepared to pay the price that is required to be wealthy. Yes, wealth come with a price attached to it.


That price is your time and energy. The price is thought plus action to achieve the desired results. If you truly want to become rich then you need to start today.. right now.


Hopefully you’ve written down your goals whatever you’d like to accomplish. You must ask yourself honestly, what real steps you can do, right now, today, to move you closer towards your dream.


Would you like to know two ways of getting rich apart from hitting the lottery or robbing a bank? Remember, we’re talking about getting rich, not just making a living. Anyone can make a living. Getting rich is far harder.


To become wealthy, you need to develop an original, creative idea for a product or service that you believe others will find value in and want to pay a fair price to get it.


You are no longer trading hours for dollars, you are trading ideas for great wealth. There is always a trade-off. Your always trading something to get what you want. It makes good sense to think big.


At this point you must put in the hours to research and test your idea. If it doesn’t make sense, you must create another idea until you find the one that works.


The second way is to locate a hot, fresh idea which is working somewhere right now (maybe in another country) and then to recreate the idea. There is never a need for plagiarize somebody else’s work. It’s a simple matter to re-work an already good idea and tweak it a little or find a way to improve on it in some way.


When you find a winner, you then must ad one more ingredient. You need to pursue your idea and dream with passion. This is what I referred to as ‘paying the price.’ The price is action and sometimes a small amount of money. If you are broke, then you must choose an idea which doesn’t take a lot of money.


If you don’t feel passionate about your idea, then it’s clearly not right for you. How could you succeed at something when your heart is not fully in it? What will give you the courage to face the problems when they occur? Passion will prevent you from giving up on your dreams.


An idea without action is worthless. I would not try to go in the direction of coming up with ‘inventions’ that you think you can sell. Only very rarely do such ideas work out, and even then you would rarely if ever make a fortune. That is a difficult road to wealth.


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The Truth About Getting Rich


getting rich

When I tell this to people, they often complain: “I don’t have any ideas.” “What can I do? I’m not really sure.” “I’ve tried over and over again to think of something I can do, but I just come up with a blank.” “Help me! Have you got any original ideas you don’t want? How utterly rediculous!


I know it’s hard to be in that position – I remember when I was there too. Yes, its difficult, even seemingly impossible sometimes, but this is what will separate you as a winner. Overcoming this one obstacle is what separates the winners from the dreamers (losers).


I want to be absolutely clear on this and give you the complete truth if you are also tempted to complain about not having any ideas.


Creative Genius


So you’re not creative? You’ve never had an original thought in your life? You’ve tried many times to think of something new, but never could come up with anything? Well I have some very bad news for you. You will never be wealthy unless you win the lottery or get lucky in some other way. You are destined to always be poor, struggling with the masses, scarcely able to pay your bills and probably live a life of debt.


getting rich

I am sorry if that sounds harsh, but I believe strongly that you would rather hear the truth, than to be fed a bunch of lies and distortions.


Please remember, These comments only apply to getting rich. It’s okay not to want to be rich… really, it is.


Creative people are magnets for wealth. There is only one way to get honestly wealthy. Persuade a lot of people to give you their money. To this I say find something which makes them want to give it to you voluntarily… Think of wealth as the barter system. You must give in order to receive.


Remember.. If you want to be wealthy It all starts with taking action.


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