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ideas into profits




So you want to start an online business but you just don’t know where to start. In fact, you have no idea how to start… Stay with me now,because this is where we turn ideas into profits.


It’s not surprising. Not with the overwhelming amount of misinformation that’s out there. Most of the “stuff” you read tells you how easy it is an makes it sound like you’ll be an overnight success by the end of the week.


I’m not saying it’s not possible. It certainly has been done by many people. It’s just that if you start down the road with the wrong information you’re sure to be disappointed by your results.


Instead we’re going to start on the right path and turn your ideas into profit.




ideas into profits

This Is Where We Turn Ideas To Profits

Starting an online business is the best way to be an entrepreneur today. When you’re selling information, digital products – instead of physical products, there are even more advantages.


Advantages Of Selling Digital Products


It’s very low-cost – you can almost start for free.



Thanks to the availability of easy-to-use marketing software and online tools, you don’t have to be very technically minded to make it work. In fact, if you can do some web surfing and send email, you pretty much have the skills you need to start an online business.




ideas into profits


You can base your business around things you enjoy – so any “work” you have to doesn’t seem like so much work at all. You’ll live life on your own terms and not have to answer to anybody.


You have none of the hassles of a bricks and mortar business like employees, utility bills, rent or needing to warehouse stock…


Plus you won’t need to risk your current job or income to start your online business. You simply work in your off hours until you’re making enough money to fire your boss.




You have some ideas, right? Maybe you have a dream about a business or product idea that’s been in your head for years, but you’ve just never gotten around to developing it.


If so, great! I’ve got some important news for you… today, we’re going to make sure your idea will work as an online business and that you’ll be able to create a profit making online business of your own.


If not, don’t worry. I’m going to show you how to come up with ideas, great ideas, to put you on the road to success.

ideas into profits


In other words, today you’re going to pick your profitable niche. It’s the first step to developing an online business that can provide you with a steady passive income earning you as much as six to seven figures per month.


Of course, there is some “hard” work that is required in the beginning stages when you’re setting your business up. But soon, you’ll only need to put in a few hours a week to keep things running smoothly…


ideas into profits


Mostly, once it’s set up correctly, your business will almost run itself… it’s what’s known as running a business on “autopilot.” That’ll leave you with plenty of time to indulge in the things you enjoy like travel, your favorite pastimes/hobbies or spending more time with your family.


Another reason you’re very fortunate is that today, online businesses are still thriving, even in today’s economy.


E-commerce, Internet retail business sales as it’s known, topped a record $434 billion in 2017 in the United States alone. This represents 13% of the total retail sales and 49% of retail growth in sales. The growth of online sales is staggering and shows no sign of letting up any time soon.


This growth is being driven by individual entrepreneurs, just like yourself, starting small online businesses. These are everyday people without much knowledge or previous experience in marketing, business, technology, or the Internet. They just had the desire to make it happen… to make their lives better.


ideas into profits


Believe me, if you have the desire to start a business, any kind of business, all the information you need is readily available to you… you only need to type your questions into Google and you’ve got it.


The information is literally at you fingertips.


Many of these new small Internet start-ups are on the information side of Internet sales.


By that I mean they’re selling digital products and using digital marketing. Items such as e-books, audio and video downloads, DVDs, Software or even membership websites. What’s on these products is simply information, or advice, on niche topics.


They are mostly made up of how-to guides. Advice for woodworking, pet care, vacation planning to Disney World or an e-book or video on stock trading for beginners. Really the sky is the limit as far as what your information-based online business can be focused on.


These types of products are very inexpensive and easy to create.. and yes, you can do it yourself. But, if you’re going to make money in your new online business, you have to pick a profitable niche. You need to choose a topic that people will pay you to get information about.


Let’s Start by Picking Your Niche in 3 Easy Steps


Now we’re going to go through the process of coming up with ideas for your business, something you’re passionate about or have an interest in – but can still make money.


Don’t loose sight of this fact, You GOTTA get paid!! It may not be all that difficult, it may even be fun to the point where it seems like a hobby… But, if you’re not getting paid then it is a hobby and that’s NOT why we’re here.




First we’re going to brainstorm some possible ideas to base your business on. If you already have a “dream” business in mind, go through the exercise anyway as it might inspire you.


Think about your interests, things you know a lot about, topics that people ask you advice about. Choose a list of 4-5. Write them down (don’t skip this step, WRITE THEM DOWN).




ideas into profits

Now start by picking your favorite of the topics you’ve chosen. We’re going do some simple market research to determine if this niche has profit potential.


First, we’ll look for real-world proof that a business based on this idea could work. We do this by checking out the competition. It may seem like a negative but, if there are a lot of other businesses in the same niche – that’s a good thing. It means there are a lot of customers out there interested in these products/services and spending money on them.


In Internet Marketing competition is a very good thing. If no one is selling to the market you’ve chosen, that means there is no market for that particular product (or the market is too thin).


I agree that if a market or product is saturated it may be difficult for you to compete successfully, but a reasonable amount of competitors is proof of a buyers market… You should go after it with both hands.




Let’s take a look at Clickbank (affiliate marketing platform for online vendors) as an example. I randomly chose this product, it is only an example of what you can do.


* “7,250 Landscaping Ideas” offers $17.79 initial sale (affiliate commission paid to you), $56.00 back-end sales with a 12%conversion rate. There are 49 people actively selling this product (all this information is readily available to sellers on Clickbank’s platform).


When you sign up with Clickbank (which is free to join) it allows you to promote thousands of affiliate products from a vast selection of categories.. These are all digital products and services available for immediate download. There are over 6 million affiliates selling these various products.


Of course you will be selecting your own business niche and ideas but this gives you a good idea as to the amount of products that are available to you. If you were interested in offering physical products such as a certain type of jewelry, pet products or electronics you could simply sign up with Amazon (using their affiliate platform) and you would be instantly in business.




Now we need to see if there are online businesses selling information on landscaping ideas. You can do this with a simple Google search of keywords related to the niche. In this example I would search for “landscaping,” “Landscaping ideas,” “landscaping products,” for example.


You can use Google’s free Keyword Tool  to check out keywords related to your business idea.


ideas into profits


Enter your first keyword and the Tool will show you how much website traffic is sent to sites related to that and other similar keywords. Website traffic translates into sales for online businesses.


If your business idea brings in several hundreds of thousands or at least several tens of thousands searches per month you’re set. I wouldn’t recommend going into any niche without at least 50,000 monthly searches for it.


If your first idea doesn’t pan out this way, don’t worry. Just try it with the other niches you’ve selected.


Now you may be wondering… “If there is all that competition, how will my business be successful?”


As I said before, competition is not a good thing, it’s a great thing!! Successful businesses in the same niche = profit potential for you as there are a ton of customers and plenty of business to go around for everyone.


Remember what I said before about the size of the online retail market. At $434 billion in annual sales it’s simply a matter of picking the niche you want to focus on, create a marketing plan that will allow you to tap into a portion of that market and your business will flourish.


Once you have your niche, the next step is to choose the precise products to offer your customers.




You can start your search here… There are many, many more but this is a good place to begin.… global affiliate network..sign up for a free affiliate account


CJ Affiliate By… offers a huge affiliate network of digital products.


Warrior affiliate network and online marketplace offers products & services in the “Internet Marketers” space.


Amazon Affiliate Network… or go to (click “start for free”).


Yes, there is some homework and research that needs to be done. Planning is absolutely necessary if you want to be successful.


“Failing to plan is the same as planning to fail.”


Doing the legwork before you start will make the whole process easier and the pieces will fall into place. If you do this correctly in the beginning it shouldn’t require you to spend more than an hour or two a day working your business once it’s set up.


The reward is that you will be making money around the clock, 7 days a week (and yes, you will be even making money while you sleep).


ideas into profits


Is it worth the effort?? You’d better believe it is!


For now, pick a few of your best ideas. I gave you a list  below of what I feel, is a very good place to start.  Focus on brainstorming and TURN YOUR IDEAS INTO PROFITS.



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ideas into profits


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