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Of course there are many ways to make money online.. In fact there are literally hundreds of ways and not surprisingly, they all do work depnding on the approach you choose..


The majority fall into these 3 categories:

>> CPA (cost per action) Marketing


>>  Affiliate Marketing


>> E-Commerce

Which one is the best and surest way to make money online?
Which one depends on your goals and personality..




CPA is usually done usng PPC (paid ads) although it can be done effectively with combining a website with social media marketing free-traffic-sources. The common approach is paid ads because you’ll get faster results.

You can quickly measure those results and adjust your campaigns and profitability. They do not all produce winners but when they do you can easily scale up your campaign budget to any level you want to choosing your desired income. It’s a viable affiliate marketing method.

Unless you are well versed in PPC advertising, bidding strategies and Targeting Low Competition Keywords it can be both brutal and costly. PPC looks simple, but it is not.

=> Find Targeted Low Competition Keywords


best work from home



Whether you choose Amazon FBA or Amazon’s Associate program, they are both very straightforward. You choose products (again based on research), targeting the same type of low competition keywords to send traffic..

You simply apply for your Amazon affiliate link and choose the products or niche you would like to target.

To be safe you can rotate out of the slow selling products and focus your promotion on the ones that are selling well. The cost for this is limited to the type of promotion you choose. If use social media promotion using free traffic sources.. This can be done virtually for free.

If you decide on paid ad sources that will be your primary expense. The same rules apply to all paid ads.. You must control your costs and watch them closely. Drop the ads that are not working and double down on the ones that are.

This is the fastest route to success and can easily be achieved with a relatively low investment. You want to control your invest until you start to see positive results and then gradually begin to roll it out and scale up.The key to your succes is that you must be consistent.


free traffic software





All three of these do fall under the general heading of affiliate marketing. Each of these offer the versatlity in the types of products you can promote and the ability to cross-promote other offers and other markets.

There’s a wide spectrum of of digital products and sofware that are available with platforms like Clickbank, Offer Vault, JVZoo and many others. If you take a somewhat cautious approach when starting out, the risk of loss is extremely limited.




I am an affiliate marketer and blogger and have been for 18 years. So I tend to favor the advantages of promoting other peoples products through affiliate marketing sources.


“Over 6 million people blog on their own website, and 12 million people use their social media channels as a blog. If you want to be found through organic search, you need to find ways to reach a broader audience.”


Regardless of the cash flow method you choose, It is highly advisable to have a website or blog that you can control. You can have your own Domain Name for $9.00/year and Web hosting for $1.99/month..
It seems obvious…  why not do all three?

Setting up simple, targeted blog sites would accomplish this. You could zero in on specific low competition niches and dominate those making your marketing much more effective and virtually cost-free..

Setting up these mini-blog sites is simple and probably wouldn’t take more than an hour or two each. You would then have multiple sites generating passive revenue streams and the cost is virtually non-existent.



viral traffic websites

These mini-blog sites are my best source of monthly revenue and when one starts to make money I simply create another.. and another.. and so on.

It’s not a stretch to get these to $100 a day very quickly making $3,000 a month each. Do three and your making $9,000/month.

If you only made half that you be way ahead of most affiliate marketers out there. Most have no clue about how to making money online.




I know many of you are looking to implement a “get paid now”
method working from your home… I’m sure the extra income would really come in handy..

Now you can create a constant cash flow with a simple method that even total beginners can use
by tapping into one of the biggest most under-estimated traffic sources on the entire internet..

No website, list, tech skills or experience is needed.

It may not make you rich but it can be used to build incredible
momentum and get you paid Daily!


=> Easy Work From Home Cash Flow System – that actually Works


I see a lot of online money methods cross my desk every single week.​. Unfortunately, most of what I see is incomplete.​ Product creators and big-name gurus are leaving big, important pieces
out of their training… And that’s a HUGE problem because it leaves you guessing and ultimately struggling to make money online.​

When I started out, I remember this happening all the time.​

Most of the methods gave me a little overview of how to make money, but they left a few (very importamt) things out.. and I struggled to get result.

When it comes to making money online… If you don’t have something to sell.. an easy way to get FREE traffic and a way to quickly turn that traffic into money and sales (cash in your pocket)…
You will struggle and find yourself wasting time, wasting money, and getting really frustrated.​


That ALL changes TODAY… With the exact same SIMPLE yet powerful method I use everyday:


=> You don’t need any special skills or experience to do this

=> You can get started within minutes of right now

=> It only takes about 30 minutes to get setup

=> Start making money today with 100% FREE traffic

=> It’s completely beginner-friendly and there’s a case study inside that proves it!​


Here’s what one of our beginner affiliates has to say:

“I can honestly say that this course has the potential to make anyone, even newbies job-quitting income. If you can follow simple, step-by-step instructions then you can make a killing with this training.”
George Z.
Baltimore, MD


I’m sharing one of my favorite methods that gives you everything you need to make money online today!

The Constant Cash Flow is a complete system for making money right out of the gate. One that’s easy to implement and start making money quickly.. One that will Get You Paid Daily.

If you have been struggling to make any money online or are looking
to get paid daily… you need to act now!


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JUST RELEASED, HOW STAY AT HOME MOMS Are Making More Than Their Husbands

How Stay At Home Moms Are Making

More Than Their Husbands


stay at home moms




More and more stay at home mothers are stepping into the stay at home commercial enterprise because this gives them the freedom to select a flexible way to make thousands of dollars monthly doing what they love. In america as an instance, this has been a popular fashion as more and more mothers are joining these ranks each day. [Facts and Statistics about Work at Home Moms] source: workathomemoms


Working from domestic comes with masses of blessings where mothers can make extra than their husbands without sacrificing time with the children or leaving the house. Here are a few examples of make money working from home jobs for moms can do to help supplement the income for the family.


stay at home moms




With no doubt, blogging has been a very rewarding live at home task for plenty mothers as it doesn’t require any prior revel in. Once you’ve got a terrific command for English language, then you’re exact to move. A lot of stay at home moms have been making over $5,000 per month.


Top 5 Free Traffic Sources For Bloggers


This could be sharing recommendations on whatever from cooking, fitness issues or pretty much anything you have a passion for, there are constantly people who will find what you proportion treasured.


Freelancing Sites



Freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelance have turned lots of earn a living from home moms into internet millionaires. This is where you may show off your portfolio and feature customers from all walks of lifestyles patronising your services.


These freelancing sites have categories of various virtual works wherein you can choose a provider you grasp and supply it from the comfort of your house and rake in masses of lots of dollars every month. A lot of husbands who work a regular don’t make half of of what these freelancing moms can earn.


work from home moms


Here’s what you can expect as a stay at home freelancer:

Get Paid to Write at Home..
Work at home, make money no matter where you are in the world..
Get paid to write articles, blog posts, ebooks and many more..
Choose from 1,000’s of jobs daily from different subjects
Flexible work hours, work when you want to
Highest-paying writing jobs – guaranteed..


Affiliate Marketing


Almost each online enterprise that makes cash for people entails shopping for and promoting of sure products and or offerings. Affiliate advertising and marketing is truely the ar of advertising different people’s products where you earn certain percentage as excessive as 70% from the product sale.


“Discover How One Stay-at-home Mom Made $298.10 In

CPA Commissions Online In Less Than 24 Hours”


What is affiliate marketing and how can a beginner make money online?
Affiliate marketing is the means by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another (vendor) person’s or company’s products. The affiliate simply searches for a product they wish to promote, then promotes that product and earns a percentage of the profit from each salethey make.


Lots of stay at domestic mothers are already leveraging this possibility wherein they make in excess of  $25,000 in general month-to-month sales. There are many affiliate applications like ClickBank and Commission Junction that can make this dream a reality.


Get Paid for Your Opinion


Your opinion matters a lot and may be an easy manner so that it will earn greater income on-line spending much less time. There are hundreds of online surveys accessible in which stay at home moms can make as much as $10,000 monthly answering easy questions about on line surveys.


Companies can pay any amount of money to get people to answer easy questions about a new product they launch before they subsequently launch it to the general public. SurveyClub, Global Test Market and Swagbucks are few of such survey sites.

This is a very easy solution for many stay at home Moms and could be a good source of spare-time income.




In conclusion I would like to say that while all of the above categories provide realistic ways to generate significant work from home income, on both a full-time and part-time basis, they are not all created equally.

The method that clearly offers the most upside potential is the field of affiliate marketing.

With dozens of varietie of affiliate programs there are any number that would be well suited to almost any situation.

From being able to produce a $50 to $100 per day income ($1,500-$3000 per day), to one that offers the ability to earn $5,000/month and up.. This aspect as it relates to flexibility of schedule gives the work at home individual the greatest advatage.

Having been involved with affiliate marketing for the past decade I can attest to the fact that whether you choose marketing e-commerce products such as Amazon affiliate program or Digital products through Clickbank, you will find your stay at home income is only limited by your commitment and imagination.

Please, whatever you choose. don’t give up… because it’s worth it.

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How To Start An Online Business and Make Money From It




starting an online business


Establishing a home business is a dream for plenty people. The trap of setting your very own hours and being your own boss is very attractive, however it’s miles crucial to apprehend the fact of handling a enterprise from home. Read on for a few extremely good ideas to help you increase and manage your enterprise successfully.

Come up with a marketing strategy. When you have got a plan and write it down, you now not best experience greater prepared however additionally it enables your mind to give you extremely good thoughts. Before you realize it, you may be coming up with all styles of creative approaches to expand your commercial enterprise, which you might in no way have thought of, in case you hadn’t put your plan on paper.


Starting your property enterprise is without a doubt a disturbing state of affairs, however it should by and large be some thing you revel in and a assignment you take delivery of with open arms. Do not permit the pressure overwhelm you, and do no longer burn out. Employ or acquire the greater help you need, and do no longer try to do the whole lot yourself.

Having a enterprise mindset is very essential in your online business success. If you work from home it may be hard to stability your commercial enterprise time with your circle of relatives time. Set apart a sure amount of time each day on your business so you can turn out to be successful at the same time as nonetheless maintaining circle of relatives time.

Revolutionary 3 Click Software Drives FREE Traffic & Sales

Organizing a sensible finances is a key step in helping get your home business off the floor. By doing this you will no longer most effective have a clear view of what is going on along with your cash you may also have a ballpark parent for a way much revenue you need to receive to live within the black.

When starting a home-based business, one of the most critical techniques you can use is staying centered. There are many each day distractions which could tempt you to waste your precious time but in case you practice staying centered on your desires, you’ll locate that you will see results more speedy.

If, in spite of your first-rate efforts, your business enterprise is not successful, this doesn’t suggest you must give up on the concept of a home business. Cut your losses with your modern-day enterprise, re-examine your private finances, and examine other opportunities available on the market. Very few first businesses are completely a hit.


start an online business


Think about what kind of commercial enterprise or character could present using your product. Search the net for this kind of consumer and make contact with them without delay, allowing them to know which you would love to work for them. This is a time eating method, however it’ll cause extra income and a satisfied purchaser base.

Now which you are armed with a better know-how of some of the issues involved in coping with a home business, you may sense extra confident about shifting forward along with your personal innovative ideas. A a success domestic commercial enterprise can assist enhance your economic instances and assist to insulate you during downturns in the economy. Best of all, it is able to provide an great way to carry the family together to work toward commonplace goals.


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4 traffic sources

Nothing you do online will work without traffic..


I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for the past 10 years. The early years were very difficult with a lot of uncertainty..


I often followed the advice of other Internet Marketers thinking they were successful (as far as I could see) and that “they should know” what works and what doesn’t.


It’s not to say that you shouldn’t try to imitate or follow an already successful strategy, it’s just that following the wrong method can be very costly in both time and money.


It is frustrating to put you heart into something that you want so much you could literally taste it.. only to be repeatedly disapointed.


When I was starting out with affiliate marketing (a little over 10 years ago), I was certain that to make the REAL money online, you needed to have “traffic,” Traffic to your affiliate offers, traffic to your website/blogs.


I spent a LOT of time finding out everything I could about getting online traffic… I found that there is NO one right traffic method.

  >>>  Best Online Traffic Method

Without a few reliable online traffic souces, Nothing else you do will would work either.


My hope is that I can save you from wasting your valuable time, effort and money on

4 FREE traffic sources to avoid that always DISAPPOINT affiliates.


1. I tried “Launch Sniping”

That’s the one where you find each new “product launch” (from somewhere like, build a WordPress website (2-3 pages) and rank it for the review keywords.

Ideally, you should get free buyer traffic this way.


In reality, I was ranking against thousands of competitors who did the same thing.. So I got nowhere. I think I made like $41 doing product launch sniping.


2. I tried “Article Directories”


This one consists of writing around 800 word articles and manually submitting them to 10 different article directories.

By placing a link at the bottom of each article it was assumed it would eventually have a snowball effect of sending a flood of free traffic to my blog pages and affiliate offers.. I was wrong.


3. I then tried Forum Posting


This is the one where you create a signature file with a link to an affiliate offer. You then go around forums commenting with helpful information and hope they click on your signature link because of how helpful you are. I wasted a lot of time before I figured out it doesn’t work.


4. Then I tried Social Media Marketing


free traffic sources


That’s where you add a bunch of people on Facebook every day and then try to help them with something. It involved a lot of “friending,” “liking” and “commenting.”

I’m not saying that social media marketing doesn’t work.. it certainly does and can be very effective if used correctly. It just that the amount of time and effort that must go into it is astounding.

There are individuals making incredible amount of money on Pinterest and facebook posting to name a few.. many time they use a combination of free postingcommenting and paid ads to accomplish this. There is also platforms like Youtube that can be highly targeted and bring in a flood of traffic, sales and leads.

But like any type of social media it requires continuous posting of original video with the proper tags and backlinks the send traffic and get views.

I used all of these for months on end.. It didn’t make me any money though. Not one sale after 6 months of (mind-numbing) daily work.

Social media marketing is a “long game” approach. Unless your in it for the long run, don’t expect any real significant results. If this is the only traffic source your counting on, I expect you’ll be disapointed.


It’s not that these 4 free traffic sources to avoid don’t generate web traffic, it’s that the amount of time and effort the they require is not an efficient use your time. I believe that time could be much more productive focusing on more effective methods.




Going through this learning curve taught me one very important lesson.. that is, that successful affiliate marketing isn’t about hard work or persistence!


Although I could argue that I was very persistent.


Between these “4 free traffic strategies to avoid,” I had invested about 18 months of my life of daily, diligent effort into my affiliate business with nothing to show for it.


But, it was an 18 month long education course. An important course that taught me – hard work doesn’t help if you’re working on the wrong plan.


Not surprisingly, when I changed my approach to one where I was working smart and not hard, where I had true leverage – that’s when things took off for me..really fast.


I turned into an “overnight” affiliate marketing success (actually took me years)and to be honest, it was a whole lot easier than anything I’d done before.


 4 traffic sources


It’s a LOT easier when you do things the Right way.


If you’re working hard, without seeing results, isn’t it time you did the same?


Wishing you every success,

Digital Lifestyle









affiliate blogger


“In the U.S. alone there over 6 million people blogging on their own websites; another 12 million people use their social media channels as a blog”


“9% make between $1,000 and $10,000 a month;  4% make over $10,000 a month. The other 87% makes less than $3.50 per day (most of these were blogs are are less than two years old).”







Blogging is a highly profitable business. It offers “work at home” freedom, flexibility, income growth and autonomy to be your own boss. it’s no wonder that blogging attracts so many to the digital lifestyle every year.



The earnings potential is “off the charts!” It’s well documented that heavy hitters such as Brendan Mace, Bill Hugall, Frank Hatchet and Mark Barret all make between $60,000 to $100,000 Per Month! All of these individuals started out with their own simple blogging sites.



The truth is, it really doesn’t require any special skills that any ordinary person isn’t able to learn to be successful at.


You can start a blog today with as little as $50 and an idea.. But to be a successful blogger takes some skill.. Nothing that can’t be learned, but there are skills you need to learn if you want to earn a great living at it…






The reason most affiliate marketers fail is so important is so it doesn’t happen to you.




Over the years I’ve seen a lot of affiliates fail, and it almost always comes down to two big problems:


⇒  They can’t get visitors to their websites

⇒  They can’t get those visitors buy anything


So what’s wrong? And more importantly, how can you avoid this happening to you?


First, you’re not going to make any money as an affiliate if you can’t get your affiliate links in front of people. And this means you need to get visitors to your blog.


The fact is, you could get thousands of visitors to your blog today, barely lifting a finger, if you paid some serious money for it… the problem with this approach is, you better hope you make a profit. It’s really not as easy as it sounds.


So the answer is not paying for visitors. The answer lies in getting visitors to your blog without paying for clicks. There are only two other ways. They’re either going to come from search engines or from social media platforms.


It’s important to understand that if you want free traffic to your site from social media, it’s going to come down to getting other people to share your posts, or not.


  • You need people to LINK to your website from their website, this is where you will get “authority” and will help your website rank in search… and the free traffic that comes with it.


  • Or you need them to tell their friends about your stuff on social media, blogs and forums,this will give your site exposure, which in turn, will lead to more visitors and more backlinks.


So you need people to share your content.. 


The Main Problem I see with affiliate sites that can’t get traffic:


#1. The website doesn’t make sense. Your visitors don’t understand what it’s about, so they’re obviously not going to share it with anyone. 


#2. The content is just average. It doesn’t stand out in any way.. And that makes it no better than anything else that’s out there, so again, they’re NOT going to share it.


#3. They’re trying to rank for keywords that have way too much competition. There’s already loads of websites out there that are doing it better, they’ve been around a long time and are already at the top of the SERPS. Anyone looking for an article to share, is going to choose one of those guys.. 




So far it doesn’t sound good, I know.. But, if you are willing to go the extra mile, to put in a little bit more effort, you could soon be beating out all those big time websites in no time at all. If you’re prepared to do a little more making really good money blogging becomes much easier.


It’s a simple matter to create little 3 or 4 page niche sites, targeting the RIGHT KEYWORDS and outrank every other site that’s in that niche. This type of “niche marketing” is well known to many of the professional bloggers out there and they use it all the time to make thousands of dollars each month.


By targeting smaller niches using low competition, long tail keyword phrases, you’re able dominate the search traffic.


Using only free search traffic these niche sites can easily earn $100 -$150 a day in affiliate commissions from each site. Even on the low end, $100 a day would be $3,000 each month. Just by building 3 or 4 simple blog sites would generate a $10,000 a month income.


That is Life – Changing Money! And you don’t even need to create the blogs yourself… they can be outsourced.






» Targeting smaller niches and related products helps you to eliminate the competition. Choosing the correct affiliate products to offer you visitors is how you insure that you will get sales.


» There is HUGE amount of money to be made in choosing the right niche. These are known profit centers and evergreen topics. You only need to pick one!


The Top 3 Niche Markets are:

  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Make Money Online ( work from home)
  3. Dating/Relationships

Of course these 3 top niches are incredibly competitive and extremely difficult to rank for.. But there are hundreds of sub-niches within these categories that are not.


» Concentrate on the four incredibly lucrative kinds of content that make it easy to get to the top of the search results. It’s really all about the combining the right kind of content that brings in free search traffic. 


» Attract the people who can be easily converted to buyers.


» Learn how to make all of your content – sharable content.


affiliate blogging


If you want to make money online.. Whether your just starting out or still struggling with becoming profitable, you need to get started today!


I don’t recommend that you try and figure it out for yourself. It’s very likely that it will take you a long time and the mistakes will be costly. Luckily, there’s no reason to.



All of the Methods We’ve Discussed Here are the “real thing” and are incredibly effective.

AFFILIATE BLUEPRINT TRAINING GIVES YOU ALL OF THESE METHODS.. So You Can Avoid The mis-steps And Start Earning An Immediate Online Income! 

They Already KNOW what works, all you have to do is copy it.






affiliate blogger

buy now




Marketing Resources







buy profiteer income




The Profiteer Income  is a “Beginner Friendly” way to make money online quickly.. Not sometime in the future, but within Days.. and create a real job-replacing income in your spare time working from home.



“I wanted to know if the Profiteer Income System worked as they said it would.. so I decided to try it out.  It’s the only way to know if it’s the real deal or not. I tried it for myself to see if I was able to use it to make a consistent income online. 


⇒  I wanted to know if it really was easy to use.

⇒  If I needed to have any special tech skills. 

⇒  And most of all, Did It Make Money and How Long Did It Take ? 


Well, I’m Still Using Profiteer Income Today And I can tell you – It Works! Even better than I expected.


When first I started using Profiteer Income I was making between $75 and  $100 a day.. Even when I only made $75 a day, I still thought that was great! And the best part is you’re able to set up as many of these automated campaigns as you’d like.


So let’s Dive Right In so you can see what it’s about..


Having bought Profiteer Income  myself, I’m going to lay it all out for you so you can judge for yourself.




profiteer cheatsheet


  • IT’S FAST – You can start making money within days..
  • IT’S BEGINNER FRIENDLY – No experience or tech skills are needed for any part of it..
  • IT’S PROFITABLE – forget about earning $7 or $10 commissions, Profiteer brings in 3 figure Payouts Daily.
  • COMES WITH FULLY AUTOMATED SOFTWARE – The software does all the ‘tech’ stuff FOR you and is “drop-dead” simple.
  •  FREE TRAFFIC BUILT-IN – – There are No paid ads, No forum or social media posting… just use the traffic software (it’s included) and have buyers lined up to pay you..
  • UNLIMITED MARKET – It’s 100% saturation proof, in fact the demand is growing every single day..
  • TWO INCOME STREAMS IN ONE – – Daily windfall profits while building a passive income that grows all by itself… You can “set it & forget it.” Doesn’t get much easier that that..
  • IT’S A SCALABLE INCOME – you make more by simply repeating the 3 step method..


With most methods I find there is just too much to do..

Too many moving parts. I need things to be simpler.. Using PROFITEER:


     »  NO List Building
     »  NO Website Creation
     »  NO Writing Sales Copy or Ads
     »  NO Social media posting
     »  NO Paid Traffic
buy profiteer income


Inside Profiteer you’ll see how to set up your own Profit Engine Campaigns… and it’s your own personal sales funnel. Incredibly easy-to-use.. 




There are three things you should look for when you want to make money online:


It must be easy to understand..  It must be easy to use..  It must be profitable.. quickly


Profiteer Income System meets all those requirements and more.. a lot more.


I found that there was absolutely no filler information in the system. It’s step by step training with short, concise videos that get you up and running fast.


I really loved this part because I hate sitting through hours of video training.. That is NOT the case here.


get profiteer income




  »  NO list Building, no social media posting or painful SEO involved..


  »  Results are FAST – most beta testers started making money within 24 hours..


  »  USES ONLY FREE TRAFFIC – built right into the system, you won’t struggle to get traffic – in fact, the buyers find you..


  »  Scale Your Income to either Job Replacing or Life-Changing Income – just repeat the same simple steps to grow your income..






buy profiteer



P.S. Here is your Free Access Pass to The Best Managed Affiliate Network..

You just feed the “funnel.”



Marketing Resources





unlimited traffic webinar5 Figure A Month Affiliate Blueprint Webinar


“Learn The Exact 3 Step Process We Used To Build A

5 Figure A Month

Affiliate Blueprint Business In the next 30 Days online”



Targeted traffic is the biggest obstacle to making money online. It doesn’t matter what niche you are promoting.


A steady stream of traffic to your website would seem to solve the #1 problem everyone has… Wouldn’t you think?


Everyone trying to make money online is faced with trying to find new ways to drive traffic to their website.. Without it the sales will simply dry up, never to be seen or heard from again.




There are essentially two kinds of traffic… Free and Paid traffic. Although everyone loves free traffic methods because of the enormous ROI it delivers, it is Definitely NOT FREE!


If your focus is on building free traffic you know exactly what I mean. This type of traffic requires more of your time and enormous effort (how about patience?) to produce any kind of results.


unlimited traffic


Of course, it’s very attractive because the traffic you’re getting doesn’t cost you any MONEY… it’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both before deciding which is best.


In my heart, I can tell you, I believe it is a combination both..




Their are several advantages to using free traffic methods (I hate to use the word free). One of the most important is the quality of the clicks themselves. Because they are mostly “organic” or “search clicks” they tend to be a better quality.


If someone is “searching” for something and clicks on your link, they found you because they were looking for something specific, on their own. No one was sticking a flashing banner ad in their face trying to get them to click on it.


This is what’s known as “Buyer Traffic.” These clicks will definitely convert to dollars better in the long run. The problem is getting to a place where it’s consistent. Violent starts and stops of website traffic is essentially the kiss of death.


When it dry’s up you need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what went wrong.. and fix it, quickly.


As long as your ROI (return on investment) is greater than the cost of promotion, you’re making a profit. If you spend more you will, in the same proportion, make that much more.


I know that’s a mouthful.. But please read it again. It will only benefit you.


When placing paid advertising your results will be immediate, profitable or not. You can quickly make adjustments to your campaign to improve it.


Paid traffic is a more targeted source of traffic. You can usually choose demographics, gender, age ranges among many others.


When you have ads that are delivering a net profit it’s a simple matter to “scale up” your ads thereby increasing your daily income. “Scaling” is how Interenet Marketers achieve 5 & 6 figure incomes and what gives you the ability to choose the level of income you want.


Put simply, if it’s working, just do more of it.


No other business that I know of has the clear ability to do this making affiliate marketing the hands down winner in this respect.




The Free Traffic methods of promoting your blog, website or affiliate offers are as follows:


Classified ads… I know this one sounds surprising, but hear me out. Classified ads receive millions of hits to their ad categories each and every day. That is NOT per week or per month, that is per day! Regular posting to many classified websites can produce the visitors to your site that you’re looking for. Now, not all classifieds are free to post but many of them are.. I do feel you should know about them.


Does it work? It depends on the type of offer, the ad copy and consistency… again, some are free and some are paid ads.. you must test, test and test some more.



unlimited traffic


Consistency is the key to success with any type of promotion. To post a few ads once in a while will not get the job done.


Link Post Blogging uses more of a “shotgun” approach. Regular daily posting to multiple sites, categories and testing several different offers and landing pages is the way this method gets results. This is true of course, unless you already have proven offers.


If for instance, you had several different offers which you posted and rotated on a regular basis, there is no doubt in my mind you would find several that were converting nicely. This method compounds over time as the more your links are seen the more sales it will do.


This method, known as “Link Post Blogging,”  is a reliable and proven marketing technique used by many successful internet marketers.


With it, you’re placing links EVERYWHERE.. Social Media Sharing Sites, social bookmarking, forums, joining Facebook Groups (share your links, just don’t be obnoxious about it)… remember, no one wants to be pummeled (spammed) with affiliate links. You should always try yo be considerate. But it does work and it’s free.


You WILL get traffic from this. I’m also not saying it will be easy. To use this method correctly, you are sending your traffic to YOUR web site or blog. This is your “Hub” where you are providing useful and thoughtful content to your readers.


You want them to come back.


All of your traffic is funneled through your “Hub” (website). This helps to establish your credibility and build confidence.. It also keeps your offers in front of your best customers.




Keeping with the same theme, there are many high traffic sites and social media platforms that this method works well with. With such a huge audience, the first one we need to mention is Facebook.


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There are several different approaches to Facebook promotions. There are “fan pages,” and link or page  “boosting,” which is effective and can be very inexpensive. You can also join various groups related to your niche and build a traffic source by connecting to many of these followers (I’m tired just thinking about it).


It is NEVER recommended to be spamming anyone.. Spamming DOES NOT work. In the end you may think you’re getting your links out there but it only pisses off a lot of people. Avoid doing this.. It will only work against you.


There are marketers out there that swear by Facebook promotions. I have found Facebook to be the most difficult platform to work with because of their “crazy” strict guidelines (It’s personal)… but, they do in fact have a massive audience and setting up a new fanpage can drive significant amounts of traffic back to your site… if done right.


But, when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that they are not the only game in town.




Free places to post your affiliate links are everywhere.


5 free traffic sources for bloggers


Pinterest is a favorite of mine. Even though you have the ability to pay to “Promote Pins” I find that paid ads are not necessary to get good results. Regular daily posting will get the job done.





By creating “boards” in your niche categories, pinning eye-catching photos and including your affiliate links in every post, there is an enormous amount of traffic to be gotten from Pinterest… and did I mention it’s free?


Don’t forget, this is social media.. The more you interact, the more connections you create. It works the same for all of the social media platforms.


Keep in mind that 75 – 80% of all Pinterest users are female, so placing offers on pinterest targeted to women often produce very good results… not to say it doesn’t work for men but the statistics don’t lie.


Who REALLY knows what women want.. anyone??


You can also freely post to social media platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Google+, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Reddit, Digg, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter… just to name a few. A quick search will turn up dozens if not hundreds of similar media sites to choose from.


5 free traffic sources for bloggers




When it comes to free traffic generation techniques, “Article Marketing” also known as “Content Marketing,” is one of the  best and most long lasting. Website traffic that is content driven is one of the best methods available to both the beginner and experienced affiliate marketer.


Besides being able to send targeted traffic to your site, it also sets you up as an authority in your niche field by offering free, quality content to your readers.


An article marketer can submit their articles to as many ezines and article directories as possible for maximum exposure. There are literally hundreds of “document sharing sites” that offer tremendous exposure to your content. Again, the key to making this work is consistency.


A quick search will turn up more than you’ll ever need.. You can also outsource the document submission process really quickly on “Fiverr” for instance. On Fiverr you can find someone to submit your articles to 50 or 60 Document Sharing sites for $5!


unlimited traffic webinar


Posting one article once in a while just will NOT cut it!


Writing that one article, sitting back and waiting for the traffic to start pouring in will lead to disappointment! The way this method does work is by writing a steady stream of quality articles (minimum of 500-600 words each) on a daily or weekly basis.


In fact, there are some online marketers who only use this method and make thousands of dollars per month… All completely 100% Free!


One of the reasons this method is so effective that there are so few individuals using it and therefore not competing for the same space. Granted, there is a good amount of work involved, but for someone trying to start their online business on a shoestring, it is one of the best… Did I mention it’s Free?


If you have difficulty writing content you can use the  CONTENT BUILDER. This software literally creates an endless supply of 100% unique content for you.


buy bloom content softwareBLOOM CONTENT SOFTWARE





The search engines love article marketers because it gives them more search results to offer and additional ad revenue for them. Content is truly the life blood of search engines.


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Choosing the right trending topics, powerful headlines, proper keywords, sub-headings and eye-catching photos (not to mention backlinks), you could easily find yourself on the first page of Google, Bing and many of the smaller search engines.


When this happens you will begin generating organic traffic to your websites/blog offers… This is a great  traffic source.




Posting regularly to social media sites has a powerful compounding affect.


Social Media Sites such as:

Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumbler, Digg and Google Bookmarks (social bookmarking sites provide valuable backlinks and a good source of traffic) have hundreds of millions of daily users.. You only need to tap into a small portion of this massive traffic source to create a wildly successful online business.


Although it won’t COST you anything to do this, I also don’t consider this to be FREE traffic. To be successful with this method requires daily posting to all these sites… At a minimum every other day.


Another approach could be to choose a few and focus your efforts on regularly posting to just those selected few. AFFILIATE CONTENT PROFITS is a social media software that automates the entire process for you. If you’re looking for a real shortcut, this is it..


Again there is a compounding effect of producing and posting so much content, be it graphics, infographics, articles and links on a regular basis. This approach to mass social marketing takes time to build momentum but when it does it can be spectacular.


You could use a social media mass marketing software such as SyVid that automates the entire process with a few clicks. SyVid Video Marketing Software can Upload to 8 Video Platforms & and post to 14 Social Media Sites in less than 60 seconds!


buy syvid traffic software


If all this is starting to make sense, and I hope it is, then I’ve done what I set out to do. But, there is one more essential part of your marketing plan that must be used to make all this work properly.




Everytime you post your link on sites like Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest, your own blog or website or publish an article, you have an excellent chance that someone will click on one of your links. The more of these that you have pointing back to your site equals that much more potential traffic.


Every backlink you create is someone “voting” for you site as a source of valuable information. Sites with more quality backlinks will always rank higher with the major search engines. This serves to build even more free, organic traffic for you.




So we know that going the free traffic route is very time consuming and not to be thought of as a quick traffic fix. It definitely works, but the reality is it can be very slow going.


free webinar

So what’s the answer? As you can see I’ve done my homework on this. We know that just running 2 simple text ads on Google Adwords could easily cost upwards of $200 because of the high “cost per click.” Even when you find something that works it will still require an additional investment to “roll it out.”


But, what if you could get Unlimited Traffic to any website, offer or any niche?

How would that change things for you? 


So, let me ask you a question?


“If you had Unlimited Traffic could you make $10,000 a Month… Yes or No?”


The way I see it, this would be a hands-free answer to worry-free traffic..


There is a The 3 Step Process We Used To Build A 5 Figure A Month Online Business In 30 Days!

One that will put your Traffic On Autopilot!


With it, you could scale your business to $3k, $5k Or $10k per month. You could do whatever you wanted to while the traffic and money kept rolling in… I’m completely serious..


If you’re serious about having a job replacing online income this could be exactly what you’ve been looking for… Because you know that getting continuous traffic is the biggest hurdle we all face.


unlimited traffic webinar


5 Figure A Month Affiliate Blueprint Webinar

This Free Webinar shows the exact 3 Step Process We Used To Build A 5 Figure A Month

Affiliate Blueprint Business In the next 30 Days online


“If You Control Your Traffic – You Can Control Your Income”

available for a limited time


See You On The Inside.. wishing you the best.



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affiliate blueprint


If you want your life to change, you need to make a commitment to do whatever it takes to make it happen today! 

If you’re not happy with where you are right now, It’s time to do things differently, to take control of your life and your future.





I have been self-employed all my life. Thoughout my life as an entrepreneur, I have discovered that every successful venture has at least five things in common. Knowing these 5 keys to business success greatly increases your own chance of being succeessful.




The first critical element to ensuring success is being prepared. That’s NOT a cop out.. Seriously, to improve the chances your business will succeed you need to prepare on several different levels.


You typically plan out and make preparations for nearly everything you do every single day… Why would starting a business venture be any different? You want to do the same kind of preparation before you start a business.


What are the obstacles you will need to overcome? What do you want to achieve in the first six months’ of being in business? How about in the first year? You MUST plan for success.


There are solutions for every problem. If there is something you need to know? ask someone who does.. Google it.. Read up on it. In a short time you will be an expert! If there’s something you don’t know how to do? Outsource it!


There are no problems, only challenges..




work from home



The next important element is flexibility.. No amount of planning can accurately predict the unexpected twists and turns of running a business. The path to succes online is rarely a straight one. No entrepreneur gets to their end goal exactly as they envisioned it.


That’s why I would consider starting a business servicing a niche that is being ignored or neglected to be so important. Focusing your business and marketing on targeted smaller, niche markets that are being ignored  presents enormous opportunities.




affiliate blueprint


Another important question is, who is your target market? Most people will say that, “everyone” will want their products or services or they want to appeal to the largest segment of the global market.”


That’s a BIG Mistake..


When you drill down into defined niche markets it’s easier and in most case much more profitable. You can’t be all things to all people. For those that try, it tends to “water down” their efforts.


Internet marketing gives you a huge advantage in that you are not limited to one such niche market… you can enter several and dominate each of them in a very systematic way. This allows you to pave the way to being profitable quickly and scale up your profits. Targeting tiny niche markets is a very profitable online strategy.




The ability to learn from others will save you time and money. Avoiding costly mis-steps and unnecessary expenses will give you a huge boost in making money faster than you ever thought possible.


You’ll notice that the biggest online successes all have one thing in common.. They all followed a tried and proven system. If you follow the same system you will be successful too.


Luckily that same proven outline is readily available to you in The Affiliate Blueprint. It is a Copy and Paste System that gives you the exact steps to capitalize on as many of these niche markets as you want..




The best way to manage cash flow is not to rely only on one revenue stream. Any business that has multiple streams of income is stacking the deck in their favor. If one source of income stops producing you are still left with several other income sources.


You can think of it like buying real estate.. If you buy a single family home to rent out and the renters move out, your left with the bills out of pocket until the house is rented again.


On the other hand, if you were to buy a multi-family building and one unit is vacant you still have your other rents to pay the bills until it is fully rented again.


As the saying goes, “If you put all of your eggs in one basket, they all get broken together.”


To insure you succeed, The Beginner’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing gives you multiple ways of generating income.

affiliate marketing




1. Prepared.. You’ll discover how to choose your niche market, correctly build and optimize you website for free and continuous free traffic to your offers.


2. Flexible... The ability to learn as you go.


3. Understand Niche Marketing… Choose your target market.


4. Follow A Proven System.. A Team of professionals will walk you through the secrets of properly monetizing traffic.


5. Multiple Income Sources… The professional training that the AFFILIATE BLUEPRINT provides multiple ways to profit.


beginner affiliate blueprint


When I created my first blog and began affiliate marketing, I wanted to
quit my job and make a better life for myself and my family. I stuggled for months until I found the
12 Minute Affiliate System. The Beginner’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing hanged everything for me and now I want to share it with you.





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This is enormously helpful to new affiliate marketers and bloggers who don’t fully understand all of the steps involved… they need a blueprint to follow… And the 12 Minute Affiliate leaves NOTHING out.


There’s an amazing support staff for one-on-one help whenever it’s needed.. You’re never alone.


I can tell you it’s great to have access to a professional and successful internet marketer who can look over your website, and guide you through what’s needed to improve it. It’s also great to have the same professional mentors on-hand whenever you need them.


With The 12 Minute Affiliate Training, you will also get full access to talk with support staff as much as you like! They can give you one-on-one training, help and answers. Other services usually charge hundreds to thousands of dollars for this. You really can’t put a price tag on this kind of personalized service.


One thing that really helped me was that Affilorama Training taught me how to do everything using FREE tools. So you can rank websites in Google using FREE tools and services. They even include free website hosting for up to 5 websites for a year!


But There IS a Downside, So Be Careful!


The 12 MInute Affiliate gives you everything you need to succeed, but it doesn’t just drop a website in your lap. It comes with a step by step blueprint.. meaning you have to actually DO the work, otherwise, you won’t make any money money. If you want a made-for-you solution, you will need to look elsewhere because this isn’t it. They have purposefully given you the training and not made the sites so that they can offer it for a reduced price.


If You Want A Formula For Success, This Is It!


As long as you are willing to do the work and follow the system, you are guaranteed to Fast-track your success. It is very simple to follow the instructions, and you still have a  60 day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose. Check it out before the FREE bonuses expire, which are worth $164 by themselves!




Choose From 3 profitable niche topics. 

You’ll learn how to find the niches where you can make the most money fast. Doing this wrong can be a devastating setback.. so It’s important that you get it right.

Done-For-You NICHE affiliate products to promote. 

This will give you the specific criteria to use to pick the products both digital and physical products that will make you the most money quickly.. No guesswork needed.

Auto-Pilot Lis Building

Just follow the easy steps to building an impressive personalized Website.  It’s almost completely Done-For-You!


You Need To See The Beginner’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing

For Yourself,

You Can Get All The Details BELOW



beginners guide to affiliate marketing


P.S. I see you on the inside


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Create A Job-Replacing Income Working From Home In Less Than 30 Minutes a Day



Everyday there are millions of people trying to make money on the internet.. And why wouldn’t they?


You make your own hours, No more commuting to work, No boss and most of all, the potential to make a great deal of money.. Possibly much more than they’ve ever made before in their life.


There are individuals making hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars a year working from home. But of course, these are often the exception. There are many more that fail to make any money at all.


There’s virtually endless ways to generate income on the Internet. Making $5,000 to $10,000 or even $20,000 per month is very attainable.


Maybe you can see yourself sitting in your pajamas working from your laptop or sitting on the beach making more money than you ever made in your life. There are internet marketers out there doing just that every single day.


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“Discover How Jessica Made $298.10 In CPA Commissions In Less 24 Hours

With A Unique CPA Traffic Strategy you can Copy Her Results In 5 Minutes Of Work –

CLICK HERE to learn how 




So Many different ways to make money online… Where Do You Start?


Let’s break it down to something you can use..


Almost 87% of all companies with a web presence have an affiliate marketing program. What does that mean to you? Affiliate marketing is where you promote someone else’s product or service and are paid a commission for each sale.


Using your personal “affiliate link,” you refer potential customers to the vendor. With the help of their professionally developed sales copy and sales funnel, they close the sale for you and you’re paid a commision from them.


This is the simplest type of affiliate marketing.


The vendors provide the product/service, marketing materials, sales copy, suggestions about how to market their products, payment processing, customer support and refunds. Along with these services they often pay you as much as 50-75% of each sale you make (depending on the type of product).




If this sounds like an easy way to make money online, then you’re right, it is.. In many cases you do not even need a web site, hosting services or a domain name, although it does help..


The barrier to entry is low. Using the right kind of promotion and planning you could start making money within days. There really are no limits on the amount you can earn…  Click to learn how



affiliate income system



The problem is there are so many choices that it can be very confusing. If it takes too long to start making money you could begin to doubt yourself and your ability to make money online. You might begin to ask yourself, “is this the wrong product?” “the wrong market?” “Are you going about it in the wrong way?”


With so much misinformation out there, to the beginner, making the wrong choices can be costly, frustrating and could lead to your giving up completely… which would be the biggest mistake of all.


cpa project

YOU NEED TO GET PAID!! Anything else is just a hobby and hobbies Don’t pay the bills!


Think about that for a moment… fix it in your mind and center everything you do around that single purpose.


If you keep focused on the payoff this will not be you.





I began my own online business almost 12 years ago with about $200 (turned out to be a lot more than that before I “figured” it out). I didn’t make any real money for the first three years… Talk about discouraging.


affiliate training


Because I felt a desparation to succeed I found myself being distracted by every new  “shiny object”  I found. It constantly sent me in a different direction hoping that this would be what I was looking for to finally create the online income I wanted.


While most of it was a complete waste of time and money, I now consider it the cost of my education. No one hands you money for nothing.




Through all the trial and error, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. That light was called CPA (cost per action) marketing.


cpa income


CPA online marketing is the simplest form of affiliate marketing and a way to fast track your own online business.. you can seriously be making money within days (IF you follow the right, proven blueprint for success).



cpa commissions


P.S. I’ll see you on the inside



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best 3 clickbank strategies




It doesn’t take tech skills, a big investment or a genius IQ to earn $10,000 per month as a Clickbank Super Affiliate… It just takes following a proven strategy.


“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want, copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”
~ Tony Robbins


What you are about to learn are the Best 3 Clickbank Strategies You can use to start your own successful affiliate business.. you are also going to see just how easy it really is..




So you’ve started your online business, built your website and found a good niche you’re sure has plenty of profit potential. It’s time for the money to start pouring in… right?


What’s that you say? You’re not making as much as you expected? Or maybe you’re NOT making anything at all??


Don’t worry. I have a solution that you can use to grow your online business and profits quickly. Or, if you don’t have a business already, you’ll get to avoid all the usual start up headaches and be profitable faster than you ever thought possible.




best clickbank strategies


Clickbank is a Digital Marketplace where affiliate marketers go to find new digital products that they can promote and sell online.


In the past 14 years, Clickbank’s Affiliates have made over $3 billion! You read that right, $3 BILLION DOLLARS… and there’s no reason why you can’t get your share of all that money.


In a few easy steps, I’m going to show you how to find exciting new products that you can promote and profit from as your own…


Even if you found your niche and want to simply add new products to the mix to offer your customers, Clickbank makes it easy. There are no boundaries or sales quotas with Clickbank. You can sell as much or as little as you’d like. It all adds up to more profit streams for you.




There is no catch! Being an affiliate with Clickbank costs you nothing. There are no fees or epenses. You register, find products in the Clickbank Marketplace that you’re interested in selling, and start marketing.


Clickbank only gets paid when you get paid. They deduct a tiny percentage per transaction. You earn  between 50%, 75% and can even earn as much as 100% per sale!


You, as an affiliate, don’t have to worry about customer service, refunds or product fulfillment. You simply offer the product for sale through affiliate links on your own website, blog and social media sites. You get paid a substantial commission every time somebody buys something.


Along with those big commissions, virtually all their vendors have a highly professional sales funnels with “upsells” and “downsell” items that you get paid on just for bringing in the client.


clickbank strategies



Clickbank tracks everything and makes sure that all sales are paid to you, the affiliate, and in the proper amounts.


So are you ready to get started??





There are Best 3 Clickbank Strategies that you can use today to Create A Tremendous Full Time Income.


»  1.  Choose from a massive selection of top selling products in the many different niches and promote them in forums or on social media. Check out TheTOP 5 FREE Traffic Sources For Bloggers.. These free traffic sources reveal how you can market any product or offer on social media platforms to generate an endless supply of free traffic.


»  2. Create a landing page and build an email subscriber list of customers. In this way you can promote your offers to your own customer base as often as you want building an enormous and growing income..

This method takes a little longer to build the necessary momentum, but it is a proven long term strategy used by every super affiliate.. It can be easily combined with other methods and is highly recommended.


»  3. The third way (and the easiest), is to Let Clickbank University Show You How. Having Clickbank’s own Professional Marketing Instructors show you their proven strategies is by far the best and fastest approach.

When you learn the right way from Clickbank, you can actually be in business Today! This is the best way to start a professional affiliate marketing business.. that Guarantees your success!


You simply promote your affiliate links the way they show you and earn affiliate commissions.. That’s it! You do NONE of the the funnel building or product creation. You’re guided every step of the way.


Whether you are just starting out or have been struggling to make make money online, The Clickbank offers the most professional affiliate training that’s available anywhere. Everything you need to have a profitable affiliate marketing business of you own is included.




To become an affiliate marketer with Clickbank, first you would go to their website and create a user profile. Like I said before, registering is completely Free to join.. It’s also very easy.


Once your account is set up, it’s time to browse the Clickbank Marketplace and find a digital product(s) you would like to promote. There are of thousands of digital products to choose from.


What I mean by digital products is that they are “instant downloads.” And buyers love these. This simply means that the buyer recieves instant delivery of whatever product they buy the minute they buy it.


Everything from field guides for bird-watchers, how-to manuals to sports instructions in many different languages! “Improve your golf swing in 8 easy steps!”


As a major bonus, Clickbank’s product vendors provide sales copy, affiliate tools, email swipes, banner ads and professional sales letters to do all the selling for you. Your only job is to bring in the customers and they close the sale handling all the back-end for you.



best clickbank strategies




You can easily refer to your stats but Clickbank handles all the tracking of your sales for you.


Through the use of “cookies” Clickbank is able to track every person you send to any vendor indefinitely. This means if you refer a customer to a product using your personal affiliate link, that customer is linked to you.


Many times someone who’s interested in a product does not make an immediate purchase, but may return at a later time and buy it.


With Clickbank’s advanced “cookie” system, every customer you refer is linked to you and you will receive your commission regardless of when the purchase is made.



online business training


A friend of mine, George Z. from Baltimore, MD, recently started his own blog about dog training tips. This has been a longtime passion of his, so he recently started reviewing different training methods for certain breeds of dogs. By keying into specific products that dog owners would be interested in and adding them to his blog, he started making $500 monthly by placing small ads on his blog’s homepage.


When I told him about Clickbank, he signed up and found a number of different digital products related to his niche, picked a few, wrote an article review and is now making almost $1,500 from those reviews alone… Using 100% Free search traffic.





As a leading online marketer, Clickbank offers you a global reach. You’re able to sell proven, digital products to people around the world. The potential for you to earn a consistent online income is very REAL..



Discover How You Can Use The



affiliate training



P.S. So many would-be internet marketers fail to make any money EVER!

This is your opportunity to learn the right way from professional affiliate marketers that will guarantee your success. CLICK HERE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF! 


Wishing you every success,



Resource Box

iPAGE WEB HOSTING… $1.99/Month web hosting comes with a Free Domain Name.


WORDPRESS.COM… A Free Solution to create your own blog or website.


GET RESPONSEEmail Marketing Autoreponder with 30 Day Free Trial


BLOOM CONTENT SOFTWARE… Create 100% unique content in 60 seconds.