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Targeted traffic is the biggest obstacle to making money online. It doesn’t matter what niche you are promoting.


A steady stream of traffic to your website would seem to solve the #1 problem everyone has… Wouldn’t you think?


Everyone trying to make money online is faced with trying to find new ways to drive traffic to their website.. Without it the sales will simply dry up, never to be seen or heard from again.




There are essentially two kinds of traffic… Free and Paid traffic. Although everyone loves free traffic methods because of the enormous ROI it delivers, it is Definitely NOT FREE!


If your focus is on building free traffic you know exactly what I mean. This type of traffic requires more of your time and enormous effort (how about patience?) to produce any kind of results.


unlimited traffic


Of course, it’s very attractive because the traffic you’re getting doesn’t cost you any MONEY… it’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both before deciding which is best.


In my heart, I can tell you, I believe it is a combination both..




Their are several advantages to using free traffic methods (I hate to use the word free). One of the most important is the quality of the clicks themselves. Because they are mostly “organic” or “search clicks” they tend to be a better quality.


If someone is “searching” for something and clicks on your link, they found you because they were looking for something specific, on their own. No one was sticking a flashing banner ad in their face trying to get them to click on it.


This is what’s known as “Buyer Traffic.” These clicks will definitely convert to dollars better in the long run. The problem is getting to a place where it’s consistent. Violent starts and stops of website traffic is essentially the kiss of death.


When it dry’s up you need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what went wrong.. and fix it, quickly.


As long as your ROI (return on investment) is greater than the cost of promotion, you’re making a profit. If you spend more you will, in the same proportion, make that much more.


I know that’s a mouthful.. But please read it again. It will only benefit you.


When placing paid advertising your results will be immediate, profitable or not. You can quickly make adjustments to your campaign to improve it.


Paid traffic is a more targeted source of traffic. You can usually choose demographics, gender, age ranges among many others.


When you have ads that are delivering a net profit it’s a simple matter to “scale up” your ads thereby increasing your daily income. “Scaling” is how Interenet Marketers achieve 5 & 6 figure incomes and what gives you the ability to choose the level of income you want.


Put simply, if it’s working, just do more of it.


No other business that I know of has the clear ability to do this making affiliate marketing the hands down winner in this respect.




The Free Traffic methods of promoting your blog, website or affiliate offers are as follows:


Classified ads… I know this one sounds surprising, but hear me out. Classified ads receive millions of hits to their ad categories each and every day. That is NOT per week or per month, that is per day! Regular posting to many classified websites can produce the visitors to your site that you’re looking for. Now, not all classifieds are free to post but many of them are.. I do feel you should know about them.


Does it work? It depends on the type of offer, the ad copy and consistency… again, some are free and some are paid ads.. you must test, test and test some more.



unlimited traffic


Consistency is the key to success with any type of promotion. To post a few ads once in a while will not get the job done.


Link Post Blogging uses more of a “shotgun” approach. Regular daily posting to multiple sites, categories and testing several different offers and landing pages is the way this method gets results. This is true of course, unless you already have proven offers.


If for instance, you had several different offers which you posted and rotated on a regular basis, there is no doubt in my mind you would find several that were converting nicely. This method compounds over time as the more your links are seen the more sales it will do.


This method, known as “Link Post Blogging,”  is a reliable and proven marketing technique used by many successful internet marketers.


With it, you’re placing links EVERYWHERE.. Social Media Sharing Sites, social bookmarking, forums, joining Facebook Groups (share your links, just don’t be obnoxious about it)… remember, no one wants to be pummeled (spammed) with affiliate links. You should always try yo be considerate. But it does work and it’s free.


You WILL get traffic from this. I’m also not saying it will be easy. To use this method correctly, you are sending your traffic to YOUR web site or blog. This is your “Hub” where you are providing useful and thoughtful content to your readers.


You want them to come back.


All of your traffic is funneled through your “Hub” (website). This helps to establish your credibility and build confidence.. It also keeps your offers in front of your best customers.




Keeping with the same theme, there are many high traffic sites and social media platforms that this method works well with. With such a huge audience, the first one we need to mention is Facebook.


free webinar


There are several different approaches to Facebook promotions. There are “fan pages,” and link or page  “boosting,” which is effective and can be very inexpensive. You can also join various groups related to your niche and build a traffic source by connecting to many of these followers (I’m tired just thinking about it).


It is NEVER recommended to be spamming anyone.. Spamming DOES NOT work. In the end you may think you’re getting your links out there but it only pisses off a lot of people. Avoid doing this.. It will only work against you.


There are marketers out there that swear by Facebook promotions. I have found Facebook to be the most difficult platform to work with because of their “crazy” strict guidelines (It’s personal)… but, they do in fact have a massive audience and setting up a new fanpage can drive significant amounts of traffic back to your site… if done right.


But, when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that they are not the only game in town.




Free places to post your affiliate links are everywhere.


5 free traffic sources for bloggers


Pinterest is a favorite of mine. Even though you have the ability to pay to “Promote Pins” I find that paid ads are not necessary to get good results. Regular daily posting will get the job done.





By creating “boards” in your niche categories, pinning eye-catching photos and including your affiliate links in every post, there is an enormous amount of traffic to be gotten from Pinterest… and did I mention it’s free?


Don’t forget, this is social media.. The more you interact, the more connections you create. It works the same for all of the social media platforms.


Keep in mind that 75 – 80% of all Pinterest users are female, so placing offers on pinterest targeted to women often produce very good results… not to say it doesn’t work for men but the statistics don’t lie.


Who REALLY knows what women want.. anyone??


You can also freely post to social media platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Google+, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Reddit, Digg, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter… just to name a few. A quick search will turn up dozens if not hundreds of similar media sites to choose from.


5 free traffic sources for bloggers




When it comes to free traffic generation techniques, “Article Marketing” also known as “Content Marketing,” is one of the  best and most long lasting. Website traffic that is content driven is one of the best methods available to both the beginner and experienced affiliate marketer.


Besides being able to send targeted traffic to your site, it also sets you up as an authority in your niche field by offering free, quality content to your readers.


An article marketer can submit their articles to as many ezines and article directories as possible for maximum exposure. There are literally hundreds of “document sharing sites” that offer tremendous exposure to your content. Again, the key to making this work is consistency.


A quick search will turn up more than you’ll ever need.. You can also outsource the document submission process really quickly on “Fiverr” for instance. On Fiverr you can find someone to submit your articles to 50 or 60 Document Sharing sites for $5!


unlimited traffic webinar


Posting one article once in a while just will NOT cut it!


Writing that one article, sitting back and waiting for the traffic to start pouring in will lead to disappointment! The way this method does work is by writing a steady stream of quality articles (minimum of 500-600 words each) on a daily or weekly basis.


In fact, there are some online marketers who only use this method and make thousands of dollars per month… All completely 100% Free!


One of the reasons this method is so effective that there are so few individuals using it and therefore not competing for the same space. Granted, there is a good amount of work involved, but for someone trying to start their online business on a shoestring, it is one of the best… Did I mention it’s Free?


If you have difficulty writing content you can use the  CONTENT BUILDER. This software literally creates an endless supply of 100% unique content for you.


buy bloom content softwareBLOOM CONTENT SOFTWARE





The search engines love article marketers because it gives them more search results to offer and additional ad revenue for them. Content is truly the life blood of search engines.


free webinar


Choosing the right trending topics, powerful headlines, proper keywords, sub-headings and eye-catching photos (not to mention backlinks), you could easily find yourself on the first page of Google, Bing and many of the smaller search engines.


When this happens you will begin generating organic traffic to your websites/blog offers… This is a great  traffic source.




Posting regularly to social media sites has a powerful compounding affect.


Social Media Sites such as:

Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumbler, Digg and Google Bookmarks (social bookmarking sites provide valuable backlinks and a good source of traffic) have hundreds of millions of daily users.. You only need to tap into a small portion of this massive traffic source to create a wildly successful online business.


Although it won’t COST you anything to do this, I also don’t consider this to be FREE traffic. To be successful with this method requires daily posting to all these sites… At a minimum every other day.


Another approach could be to choose a few and focus your efforts on regularly posting to just those selected few. AFFILIATE CONTENT PROFITS is a social media software that automates the entire process for you. If you’re looking for a real shortcut, this is it..


Again there is a compounding effect of producing and posting so much content, be it graphics, infographics, articles and links on a regular basis. This approach to mass social marketing takes time to build momentum but when it does it can be spectacular.


You could use a social media mass marketing software such as SyVid that automates the entire process with a few clicks. SyVid Video Marketing Software can Upload to 8 Video Platforms & and post to 14 Social Media Sites in less than 60 seconds!


buy syvid traffic software


If all this is starting to make sense, and I hope it is, then I’ve done what I set out to do. But, there is one more essential part of your marketing plan that must be used to make all this work properly.




Everytime you post your link on sites like Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest, your own blog or website or publish an article, you have an excellent chance that someone will click on one of your links. The more of these that you have pointing back to your site equals that much more potential traffic.


Every backlink you create is someone “voting” for you site as a source of valuable information. Sites with more quality backlinks will always rank higher with the major search engines. This serves to build even more free, organic traffic for you.




So we know that going the free traffic route is very time consuming and not to be thought of as a quick traffic fix. It definitely works, but the reality is it can be very slow going.


free webinar

So what’s the answer? As you can see I’ve done my homework on this. We know that just running 2 simple text ads on Google Adwords could easily cost upwards of $200 because of the high “cost per click.” Even when you find something that works it will still require an additional investment to “roll it out.”


But, what if you could get Unlimited Traffic to any website, offer or any niche?

How would that change things for you? 


So, let me ask you a question?


“If you had Unlimited Traffic could you make $10,000 a Month… Yes or No?”


The way I see it, this would be a hands-free answer to worry-free traffic..


There is a The 3 Step Process We Used To Build A 5 Figure A Month Online Business In 30 Days!

One that will put your Traffic On Autopilot!


With it, you could scale your business to $3k, $5k Or $10k per month. You could do whatever you wanted to while the traffic and money kept rolling in… I’m completely serious..


If you’re serious about having a job replacing online income this could be exactly what you’ve been looking for… Because you know that getting continuous traffic is the biggest hurdle we all face.


unlimited traffic webinar


5 Figure A Month Affiliate Blueprint Webinar

This Free Webinar shows the exact 3 Step Process We Used To Build A 5 Figure A Month

Affiliate Blueprint Business In the next 30 Days online


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See You On The Inside.. wishing you the best.



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